Fußball: Erst Knallkörper, dann Özils Tor: SGE auch in Europa sieglos


CHIO in Aachen: Springreiter nach Sturz-Schreck Nationenpreis-Sechste


Europa League: Erst Pyros, dann Özils Tor: Eintracht auch in Europa sieglos


Sigrid Kaag: Niederländische Außenministerin tritt zurück

Auch die Niederlande schafften es nicht, alle afghanischen Ortskräfte nach der Rückkehr der Taliban auszufliegen. Die verantwortliche Ministerin zieht nun Konsequenzen.


Pferdesport: Deutsche Springreiter im Nationenpreis in Aachen Sechste


Buntes: «Bezaubernde Dame» aus dem ICE wird gesucht


CHIO: Deutsche Springreiter im Nationenpreis in Aachen Sechste


Trump-Era Special Counsel Secures Indictment of Lawyer

The defendant, Michael Sussmann, is accused of lying to the F.B.I. in a meeting about Trump and Russia. He denies wrongdoing.

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Handball: SG Flensburg-Handewitt verliert gegen Barcelona


4 ways to leverage ROAS to triple lead generation

Businesses that don’t invest in their future may not have a future to look forward to.

Whether you’re investing in your human resources or in critical tech, some outlay in the short term is always needed for long-term success. That’s true when it comes to marketing as well — you can’t market your product or service without investing in advertising. But if that investment isn’t turning into leads and conversions, you’re in trouble.

A “good” ROAS score is different for each company and campaign. If your figure isn’t where you’d like it to be, you can leverage ROAS data to create targeted campaigns and personalized experiences.

It’s vital to identify and apply the most suitable metrics based on business goals, and there’s no one best practice or one-size-fits-all method.

However, smart use of the return on advertising spend (ROAS) data can triple lead generation, as I discovered when I joined Brightpearl to restructure the marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Brightpearl used ROAS to improve campaigns and increase lead generation. The key is to work out what represents a healthy ROAS for your business so that you can optimize accordingly.

Use the right return metric

It is paramount to choose the right return metric to calculate your ROAS. This will depend partly on your sales cycle.

Brightpearl has a lengthy sales cycle. On average it’s two to three months, and sometimes up to six months, meaning we don’t have tons of data on a monthly basis if we want to use new customer’s revenue data as the return metric. A company with a shorter sales cycle could use revenue, but that doesn’t help us to optimize our campaigns.

We chose to use the sales accepted opportunity (SAO) value instead. It usually takes us about a month to measure, so we can get more ROAS data at the same time. It’s the last sales stage before a win, and it’s more in line with our company goal (to grow our recurring annual revenue), but takes less time to gather the data.

By the SAO stage, we know which leads are good quality­ — they have the budget, are a good fit, and our software can meet their requirements. We can use them to measure our campaign performance.

When you choose a return metric, you need to make sure it matches your company goal without taking ages to get the data. It also has to be measurable at the campaign level, because the aim of using ROAS or other metrics is to optimize your campaigns.

Accept that less is more

I’ve noticed that many companies harbor a fear of missing out on opportunities, which leads them to advertise on all available channels instead of concentrating resources on the most profitable areas.

Prospects usually do their research on multiple channels, so you might try to cover all the possible touch points. In theory, this could generate more leads, but only if you had an unlimited marketing budget and human resources.

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SpaceX Updates: Inspiration4 Crew Spends First Day in Orbit

After a successful launch on Wednesday, the first space crew with no professional astronauts aboard is circling Earth.

Paris: Angela Merkel zum Abschiedsbesuch in Frankreich

Zum Ende ihrer Amtszeit besucht Merkel den französischen Staatschef Emmanuel Macron. Mit Frankreichs viertem Präsidenten in ihrer Kanzlerschaft spricht sie über Europa.


Medien: Deutscher Fernsehpreis für Lanz, Kiewel und Winterscheidt


Auszeichnung: Deutscher Fernsehpreis für Lanz, Kiewel und Winterscheidt


Europa League: Jungstar Wirtz sicher Bayer Leverkusen Auftaktsieg


Fußball: Verletzung am Fußgelenk? Bayer bangt um Palacios


Wahlen: Spitzenkandidaten streiten vor der Wahl über Verkehrswende


Conference League: Union Berlin belohnt sich nicht: Bittere Niederlage in Prag


Bundestag: Theurer greift linke Parteien an


As Russians Vote, Resignation, Anger and Fear of a Post-Putin Unknown

Many in Russia say they are fed up with corruption, stagnant wages and rising prices. But they worry, as one man said, that “if things start to change, there will be blood.”

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Europa League: Ex-Nationalspieler Özil trifft bei Rückkehr nach Deutschland


Conference League: Union Berlin verliert in Prag

Union bestritt die zweite Halbzeit in Unterzahl und erzielte zwischenzeitlich dennoch einen Ausgleich. Zur Abwendung der Niederlage reichte das nicht. Der Spielbericht


Mirantis launches cloud-native data center-as-a-service software

Mirantis has been around the block, starting way back as an OpenStack startup, but a few years ago the company began to embrace cloud-native development technologies like containers, microservices and Kubernetes. Today, it announced Mirantis Flow, a fully managed open source set of services designed to help companies manage a cloud-native data center environment, whether your infrastructure lives on-prem or in a public cloud.

“We’re about delivering to customers an open source-based cloud-to-cloud experience in the data center, on the edge, and interoperable with public clouds,” Adrian Ionel, CEO and co-founder at Mirantis explained.

He points out that the biggest companies in the world, the hyperscalers like Facebook, Netflix and Apple, have all figured out how to manage in a hybrid cloud-native world, but most companies lack the resources of these large organizations. Mirantis Flow is aimed at putting these same types of capabilities that the big companies have inside these more modest organizations.

While the large infrastructure cloud vendors like Amazon, Microsoft and Google have been designed to help with this very problem, Ionel says that these tend to be less open and more proprietary. That can lead to lock-in, which today’s large organizations are looking desperately to avoid.

“[The large infrastructure vendors] will lock you into their stack and their APIs. They’re not based on open source standards or technology, so you are locked in your single source, and most large enterprises today are pursuing a multi-cloud strategy. They want infrastructure flexibility,” he said. He added, “The idea here is to provide a completely open and flexible zero lock-in alternative to the [big infrastructure providers, but with the] same cloud experience and same pace of innovation.”

They do this by putting together a stack of open source solutions in a single service. “We provide virtualization on top as part of the same fabric. We also provide software-defined networking, software-defined storage and CI/CD technology with DevOps as a service on top of it, which enables companies to automate the entire software development pipeline,” he said.

As the company describes the service in a blog post published today, it includes “Mirantis Container Cloud, Mirantis OpenStack and Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, all workloads are available for migration to cloud native infrastructure, whether they are traditional virtual machine workloads or containerized workloads.”

For companies worried about migrating their VMware virtual machines to this solution, Ionel says they have been able to move these VMs to the Mirantis solution in early customers. “This is a very, very simple conversion of the virtual machine from VMware standard to an open standard, and there is no reason why any application and any workload should not run on this infrastructure — and we’ve seen it over and over again in many many customers. So we don’t see any bottlenecks whatsoever for people to move right away,” he said.

It’s important to note that this solution does not include hardware. It’s about bringing your own hardware infrastructure, either physical or as a service, or using a Mirantis partner like Equinix. The service is available now for $15,000 per month or $180,000 annually, which includes: 1,000 core/vCPU licenses for access to all products in the Mirantis software suite plus support for 20 virtual machine (VM) migrations or application onboarding and unlimited 24×7 support. The company does not charge any additional fees for control plane and management software licenses.

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Fußball: Ex-Nationalspieler Özil trifft bei Rückkehr nach Deutschland


Auszeichnung: Markus Lanz gewinnt Deutschen Fernsehpreis


Twitter Super Follows has generated only around $6K+ in its first two weeks

Twitter’s creator platform Super Follows is off to an inauspicious start, having contributed to somewhere around $6,000 in U.S. iOS revenue in the first two weeks the feature has been live, according to app intelligence data provided by Sensor Tower. And it’s made only around $600 or so in Canada. A small portion of that revenue may be attributed to Ticketed Spaces, Twitter’s other in-app purchase offered in the U.S. — but there’s no way for this portion to be calculated by an outside firm.

Twitter first announced its plans to launch Super Follows during its Analyst Day event in February, where the company detailed many of its upcoming initiatives to generate new revenue streams.

Today, Twitter’s business is highly dependant on advertising, and Super Follows is one of the few ways it’s aiming to diversify. The company is also now offering a way for creators to charge for access to their live events with Ticketed Spaces and, outside the U.S., Twitter has begun testing a premium product for power users called Twitter Blue.

Image Credits: Twitter

But Super Follows, which targets creators, is the effort with the most potential appeal to mainstream users.

It’s also one that is working to capitalize on the growing creator economy, where content creators build a following, then generate revenue directly through subscriptions — decreasing their own dependence on ads or brand deals, as a result. The platforms they use for this business skim a little off the top to help them fund the development of the creator tools. (In Twitter’s case, it’s taking only a 3% cut.)

The feature would seem to make sense for Twitter, a platform that already allows high-profile figures and regular folks to hobnob in the same timeline and have conversations. Super Follows ups that access by letting fans get even closer to their favorite creators — whether those are musicians, artists, comedians, influencers, writers, gamers, or other experts, for example. These creators can set a monthly subscription price of $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 to provide fans with access to bonus, “behind-the-scenes” content of their choosing. These generally come in the form of extra tweets, Q&As, other interactions with subscribers.

Image Credits: Twitter

At launch, Twitter opened up Super Follows to a handful of creators, including the beauty and skincare-focused account @MakeupforWOC; astrology account @TarotByBronx; sports-focused @KingJosiah54; writer @myeshachou; internet personality and podcaster @MichaelaOkla; spiritual healer @kemimarie; music charts tweeter @chartdata; Twitch streamers @FaZeMew, @VelvetIsCake, @MackWood1, @GabeJRuiz, and @Saulsrevenge; YouTubers @DoubleH_YT, @LxckTV, and @PowerGotNow; and crypto traders @itsALLrisky and @moon_shine15; among others. Twitter says there are fewer than 100 creators in total who have access to Super Follows.

While access on the creation side is limited, the ability to subscribe to creators is not. Any Twitter iOS user in the U.S. or Canada can “Super Follow” any number of the supported creator accounts. In the U.S., Twitter has 169 million average monetizable daily active users as of Q2 2021. Of course, only some subset of those will be iOS users.

Still, Twitter could easily count millions upon millions of “potential” customers for its Super Follow platform at launch. Its current revenue indicates that, possibly, only thousands of consumers have done so, given many of the top in-app purchases are for creators offering content at lower price points.

Image Credits: Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower notes the $6,000 in U.S. consumer spending on iOS was calculated during the first two weeks of September (Sept. 1-14). Before this period, U.S. iOS users spent only $100 from August 25 through 31 — a figure that would indicate user spending on Ticketed Spaces during that time. In other words, the contribution of Tickets Spaces revenue to this total of $6,000 in iOS consumer spending is likely quite small.

In Canada, the other market where Super Follow is now available to subscribers, Twitter’s iOS in-app purchase revenue from September 1 through September 14 was a negligible $600. (This would also include Twitter Blue subscription revenue, which is being tested in Canada and Australia.)

Worldwide, Twitter users on iOS spent $9,000 during that same time, which would include other Ticketed Spaces revenues and tests of its premium service, Twitter Blue. (Twitter’s Tip Jar, a way to pay creators directly, does not work through in-app purchases).

Unlike other Twitter products that developed by watching what users were already doing anyway — like using hashtags or retweeting content — many of Twitter’s newer features are attempts at redefining the use cases for its platform. In a massive rush of product pushes, Twitter has recently launched tools for not just for creators, but also for e-commerce, organizing reading materials, subscribing to newsletters, socializing in communities, chatting through audio, fact-checking content, keeping up with trends, conversing more privately, and more.

Twitter’s position on the slower start to Super Follows is that it’s still too early to make any determinations. While that’s fair, it’s also worth tracking adoption to see if the new product had seen any rapid, of-the-gate traction.

“This is just the start for Super Follows,” a Twitter spokesperson said, reached for comment about Sensor Tower’s figures. “Our main goal is focused on ensuring creators are set up for success and so we’re working closely with a small group of creators in this first iteration to ensure they have the best experience using Super Follows before we roll out more widely.”

The spokesperson also noted Twitter Super Follows had been set up to help creators make more money as it scales.

“With Super Follows, people are eligible to earn up to 97% of revenue after in-app purchase fees until they make $50,000 in lifetime earnings. After $50,000 in lifetime earnings, they can earn up to 80% of revenue after in-app purchase fees,” they said.

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Europa League: Leverkusen gewinnt gegen Budapest

Trotz eines frühen Rückstands siegte die Werkself gegen Ferencváros. Exequiel Palacios und Florian Wirtz erzielten die Tore des neuen Gruppenzweiten. Der Spielbericht


Altstadt für Alle! in Hamburg: “Wahnsinn, diese Straße ist ja ein Platz!”

Wie sähe die Stadt aus, wenn weniger Autos unterwegs wären? Ein Hamburger Pastor will es wissen – und besetzt mehrere Straßenzüge in der Altstadt.


Auszeichnung: «Wer stiehlt mir die Show?» mit Joko gewinnt Fernsehpreis


Notfälle: Trinkwasserversorgung für etwa 3000 Menschen gekappt


Nationenpreis: Dämpfer beim CHIO: Deutsche Equipe nach Sturz ohne Ehning


Handball: Leipziger Handballer feiern in Lemgo ersten Saisonsieg


Medien: «Beste Information»: Lanz gewinnt Deutschen Fernsehpreis


Fränkische Schweiz: Tüchersfeld

Am meisten zu entdecken gibt es dort, wo die Trecker knattern. Diesmal: unter den Felstürmen in Tüchersfeld, wo es keinen Funkmasten gibt, dafür viel geologisches Drama


Offene Beziehung: “Ja, scheiß auf alles, lass uns durchbrennen”

Saskia verliebte sich, Friedrich wurde angelogen, Lina schlief mit dem Kollegen. Drei Menschen in offenen Beziehungen erzählen, wo bei ihnen Betrug beginnt.


Gesundheit: Corona-Inzidenz in Schleswig-Holstein liegt bei 40,4


Climate Scientists Forecast High Temperatures Into the Fall

The Western drought will likely expand eastward, spreading to nearly all of Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

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New Jersey to Divest From Unilever Over Ben & Jerry’s and Israel

After the company said it would no longer sell its ice cream in the occupied territories, New Jersey invoked a law that prohibits public investments in companies that engage in boycotts.

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The Elizabeth Holmes Trial Is a Wake-Up Call for Sexism in Tech

In tech, brash male founders are allowed to overpromise and underdeliver, time and again. Not so much for women.

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Quizshow: Joko Winterscheidt und Markus Lanz gewinnen Deutschen Fernsehpreis

Die von Winterscheidt entwickelte Quizsendung “Wer stiehlt mir die Show?” hat den Fernsehpreis erhalten. Lanz reüssierte mit seiner Talkshow in der Kategorie Information.


Quizshow: Joko Winterscheidt gewinnt Deutschen Fernsehpreis

Die vom Moderator entwickelte Quizsendung “Wer stiehlt mir die Show?” hat den Fernsehpreis erhalten. Die ProSieben-Sendung setzte sich gegen RTL- und ZDF-Anwärter durch.


Internet: «Schädliches Netzwerk»: Facebook löscht «Querdenken»-Kanäle


Corona-Leugner: Facebook löscht Konten und Gruppen der Querdenken-Bewegung

Erstmals geht Facebook gegen eine Gruppe vor, die dem Unternehmen zufolge “koordinierten sozialen Schaden” hervorruft. Das trifft auch Querdenken-Gründer Michael Ballweg.


Corona weltweit: Krankenhäuser in mehreren US-Bundesstaaten im Notfallmodus

In Idaho werden ähnlich wie in Alaska medizinische Ausrüstung und Ressourcen knapp. In Davos soll das Weltwirtschaftsforum vor Ort stattfinden. Corona-News aus aller Welt


TechStage | Billig, gut & illegal: E-Mountainbike F1 für 700 Euro im Test

Das E-Mountainbike Eleglide F1 kostet 700 Euro und bietet dennoch mehr als viele deutlich teurere E-MTBs. Doch legal ist es nicht. TechStage hat es getestet.

Office 2021 will be available for non-Microsoft 365 subscribers on October 5

Office 2021 will be available for non-Microsoft 365 subscribers on October 5

Enlarge (credit: Microsoft)

New versions of Microsoft Office aren’t as big a deal as they used to be, thanks to the continuously updated (and continuously paid for) versions of the apps that come with a Microsoft 365 subscription. But for everyone else, there’s still Office 2021, an upgrade to Office 2019 that’s coming to both Windows and macOS on October 5, Microsoft announced today. Office 2021 will add the same features as the Office Long-Term Servicing Channel (or LTSC, catchy) release, which is available today.

Compared to Office 2019, the last “perpetual” version of Office, the new version includes Dark Mode support, support for version 1.3 of the OpenDocument format, new Excel functions and formulas, improved slide show recording for PowerPoint, and various user-interface tweaks and enhancements. Microsoft lists most of the new features here.

Microsoft plans to offer five years of “Mainstream Support” for Office 2021, without any extended support beyond that. The end date for Office 2021 support is in October of 2016, just a year after support ends for the Windows versions of Office 2016 and Office 2019.

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Gottfried von Cramm: Ein Ritter mit Racket

Gottfried von Cramm war lange der fairste und eleganteste Tennisspieler der Welt. Jens Nordalms Biografie “Der schöne Deutsche” erzählt sein schillerndes Leben. 


Internet: Facebook löscht «Querdenken»-Kanäle: «Schädliches Netzwerk»


Lost Judgment impressions: 15 wild hours in Yokohama

At a glance, Lost Judgment may seem intimidating to anyone who hasn’t graduated from Sega’s school of hard Yakuza knocks. To start, it’s a spinoff of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s long-running crime series, which is saddled with a truckload of backstory. On top of that, it’s a direct follow-up to 2019’s Judgment, the first game from that spinoff. Finally, the overwhelming, unadulterated immersion into modern Japan that Yakuza games are known for doesn’t really feel like anything else in video games.

With these eccentricities in mind, anyone not already intimately familiar with the broader Yakuza universe may feel too lost to know where to begin here, if they want to bother trying at all. Yet after spending roughly 15 hours over the past week playing through the first four chapters of this game, I can say Lost Judgment is absolutely worth your time, with a barrier to entry much lower than you’d expect. Stacked up against any recent high-production action games, it’s unlike anything else you’ll play this year.

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Fußball: Özil startet für Fenerbahce – Kostic von Anfang an