FC Bayern: Tuchels knifflige Mission: Hammerstart gegen alte Bekannte



Ukraine-Überblick: Ukraine kritisiert UN-Bericht, Russland wirft Slowakei Verstoß vor

Die Ukraine hat einem Bericht der Vereinten Nationen über Misshandlungen und Folter widersprochen. Russland wirft der Slowakei Vertragsbruch vor. Das war die Nacht


Nationalmannschaft: Flick will Stimmungswandel gegen Peru einleiten



Agrarwirtschaft: Ukraine-Krieg lässt Düngerverbrauch sinken



Miami Finds an Unshakable Groove Against Mighty Houston

The Hurricanes were unusually loose against the Cougars, the last No. 1 seed in the men’s N.C.A.A. tournament. Now Miami, not Houston, is pushing for a Final Four.

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Krieg in der Ukraine: US-Senatoren fordern Übergabe von Beweisen für russische Verbrechen

US-Politiker plädieren dafür, mit dem Internationalen Strafgerichtshof zusammenzuarbeiten. Jeder dritte Ukrainer hat Tote oder Verwundete im näheren Umfeld. Das Liveblog


Gordon E. Moore, Intel Co-Founder Behind Moore’s Law, Dies at 94

His prediction in the 1960s about exponential advances in computer chip technology charted a course for the age of high tech.

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Konflikte: US-Bürger in Syrien getötet: Biden spricht Warnung aus



Infrastruktur: Wissing fordert Grüne auf, Autobahnen nicht zu “verteufeln”

Der Bundesverkehrsminister spricht sich dafür aus, Genehmigungsverfahren für Straßenbauprojekte zu beschleunigen. Es gehe nicht um Ideologie, sondern um Bedarf.


IT-Industrie: Computerchip-Pionier Gordon Moore ist tot

Gordon Moore baute den Halbleiterkonzern Intel mit auf und definierte das berühmte “Moore’s law”. Nun ist er im Alter von 94 Jahren gestorben.


Gordon Moore ist tot

Gordon Moore ist gestorben. Er gründete unter anderem Intel. Weltberühmt ist “Moore’s Law” über die Weiterentwicklung von Computerprozessoren.

Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania Leaves Two Dead and Nine Missing

At least six people were also injured in the explosion at the R.M. Palmer Company chocolate factory in West Reading, Pa., on Friday, an official said.

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Gordon E. Moore, the Intel Co-Founder Behind Moore’s Law, Dies at 94

His prediction in the 1960s about exponential advances in computer chip technology charted a course for the age of high tech.

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Finanzmarkt: Biden sieht keine dramatische Verschärfung der Bankenkrise



Vereinte Nationen: Guterres nimmt Länder nach Wasserkonferenz in die Pflicht



RTL: Youtube-Köchin Sally Özcan bei «Let’s Dance» raus



Two Migrants Found Dead and 13 Others Ill on Train in Texas, Authorities Say

The migrants were found trapped inside a sweltering shipping container that was stopped near a town in Uvalde County, according to officials.

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Los Angeles Schools and 30,000 Workers Reach Deal After Strike

The three-day walkout included Los Angeles Unified School District teachers, gardeners, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and special education assistants.

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UN-Wasserkonferenz: Kaum konkrete Zusagen zur Bewältigung der Wasserkrise

Die Teilnehmer der UN-Wasserkonferenz haben sich vorgenommen, die Wasserversorgung zu verbessern. Verpflichtend sind die Maßnahmen nicht. Finanzzusagen gab es wenige.


Schuldenkrise: Ratingagentur sieht Argentinien kurz vor dem Zahlungsausfall

Argentinien könnte laut der Ratingagentur Fitch seine Dollar-Schulden bald nicht mehr begleichen. Das Land hat eine der höchsten Inflationsraten der Welt.


In Canada, Biden Offers Cooperation, Not Threats

Deals on migration and trade emerge from a meeting that restored ties between the two nations after four years of tension under the former U.S. president, Donald J. Trump.

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Former Trump Officials Must Testify in 2020 Election Inquiry, Judge Says

The ruling paves the way for testimony from Mark Meadows and others. Separately, a Trump lawyer appeared before a grand jury looking into the former president’s handling of classified documents.

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No Letup in Bakhmut as Ukraine and Russia Brace for Battles Elsewhere

Both sides expect a Ukrainian offensive while the Bakhmut fight continues, but the head of the Wagner mercenary group said Russia must be clearer about its goals.

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Rising seas will cut off many properties before they’re flooded

Image of a road with a low lying section under water.

Enlarge / If this road is your only route to the outside world, it might not matter that your house didn’t flood. (credit: Maurice Alcorn / EyeEm)

Climate change produces lots of risks that are difficult to predict. While it will make some events—heatwaves, droughts, extreme storms, etc.—more probable, all of those events depend heavily on year-to-year variation in the weather. So, while the odds may go up, it’s impossible to know when one of these events will strike a given location.

In contrast, sea level rise seems far simpler. While there’s still uncertainty about just how quickly ocean levels will rise, other aspects seem pretty predictable. Given a predicted rate of sea level rise, it’s easy to tell when a site will start ending up underwater. And that sort of analysis has been done for various regions.

But having a property above water won’t be much good if flooding nearby means you can’t get to a hospital or grocery store when you need to or lose access to electricity or other services. It’s entirely possible for rising seas to leave a property high, dry, but uninhabitable as rising seas cut connections to essential services. A group of researchers has analyzed the risk of isolation driven by sea level rise, and shows it’s a major contributor to the future risks the US faces.

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Greg Wittine, Once a Hero for Disabled Boy Scouts, Dies at 67

As a young man with cerebral palsy, he gained notice for his quest to be an Eagle Scout and changed Scouting. But his name had been mostly lost to popular memory.

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Miami Withstands 21-Point Comeback to Take Down Villanova

Maddy Siegrist had 31 points for Villanova, but Miami scored 6 in the final minute to advance to the round of 8.

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AI voice generation helps mod Fallout 4’s narrow dialogue choices

Image of Fallout 4 default protagonist with voice options, including

Enlarge / Just because you’re still alive in a retro-futuristic-post-apocalyptic Commonwealth doesn’t mean you’re necessarily witty. (credit: Bethesda / ProfMajowski)

Modders can change many things inside their favorite games, but dialogue from professionally voiced characters hasn’t been one of those things—at least until recently. AI voice generation could open up new modding avenues for some games, as it has already done with one Fallout 4 mod package.

Roleplayer’s Expanded Dialogue (RED) is listed in the NexusMods catalog as a “Massive expansion of vanilla dialogue,” adding more than 300 entirely new lines of dialogue to the game. Those lines aim to solve an issue near to the hearts of fans of Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas: role-playing. If you’re playing as a ruthless jerk, a brilliant nuclear scientist, or a strong but dimwitted dolt, you’ll see more dialogue options that reflect this. Mechanically, the roll-the-dice speech “checks,” which are based solely on your charisma level in the default game, can now be unlocked using related traits or skills.

They’re not just new labels on existing dialogue, either. RED, created by NexusMods user ProfMajowski (and first seen by us at PCGamesN), says it used ElevenLabs voice AI to generate its more in-character lines. The results can sometimes “sound a little ’emotionless,'” the creator writes, but “otherwise they basically sound like the real thing.” Nothing your character can newly say now will change the game’s mechanics or reactions, but it should sound a bit more in character.

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Selbstbestimmungsgesetz: Bundesregierung vereinfacht Änderung des Geschlechtseintrags

Bisher mussten trans Menschen einen langen und teuren Prozess durchstehen, um ihren Geschlechtseintrag zu ändern. In Zukunft soll eine Selbstauskunft beim Amt reichen.


Frauen-Bundesliga: Bremens Fußballerinnen gelingt wichtiger Sieg gegen Köln



Crisis in Israel Tests the Complicated Ties Between Biden and Netanyahu

President Biden has stressed that shared democratic values have to be at the core of a United States-Israel relationship.

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Justiz: SWR: Land will Altersgrenze im Strafrecht überprüfen


Deutsche Eishockey Liga: DEL-Playoffs: Ingolstadt und Mannheim drehen Rückstände



Demonstration: Klimaaktivisten kleben sich auf Kreuzung in Karlsruhe fest


EM-Qualifikation: Frankreich souverän – Belgien siegt bei Tedesco-Debüt



Eishockey: Ingolstadt nach irrem Finish in Halbfinale: Favoriten siegen



French Anger Shifts From Pension Law to Focus on Macron

After ramming through a law raising the retirement age without a full parliamentary vote, the French president faces something approaching a constitutional crisis.

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Overdose Death of Designer Who Dressed Lady Gaga Is Ruled a Homicide

Kathryn Marie Gallagher, 35, whose body was found in her apartment in July, died from a lethal mix of fentanyl and alcohol, the New York City medical examiner said.

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Partei: Nach Kutschatys Rücktritt soll Herter interimsmäßig führen



Do Kwon, Crypto Fugitive, Led a Very Public Life While on the Run

Do Kwon, the founder of the failed crypto company Terraform Labs, is facing charges by the authorities in both South Korea and the United States.

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Eishockey: DEL-Playoffs: Favoriten wieder in der Spur



Two more dead as patients report horrifying details of eye drop outbreak

Young man applying eye drops.

Enlarge (credit: Getty | UniversalImagesGroup)

Two more people have died and more details of horrifying eye infections are emerging in a nationwide outbreak linked to recalled eye drops from EzriCare and Delsam.

The death toll now stands at three, according to an outbreak update this week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A total of 68 people in 16 states have been infected with a rare, extensively drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain linked to the eye drops. In addition to the deaths, eight people have reported vision loss and four have had their eyeballs surgically removed (enucleation).

In a case report published this week in JAMA Ophthalmology, eye doctors at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, part of the University of Miami Health System, reported details of one case linked to the outbreak—a case in a 72-year-old man who has an ongoing infection in his right eye with vision loss, despite weeks of treatment with multiple antibiotics. When the man first sought treatment he reported pain in his right eye, which only had the ability to detect motion at the point, while his left eye had 20/20 vision. Doctors noted that the white of his right eye was entirely red and white blood cells had visibly pooled on his cornea and in the front inner chamber of his eye.

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Support Grows to Have Russia Pay for Ukraine’s Rebuilding

Although U.S. officials have cautioned against seizing Russia’s reserves in foreign banks, others say it’s “crazy” not to after Moscow’s war of aggression.

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Nordamerika: USA und Kanada kündigen neue Asylregelungen an

Kanada soll mehr Migranten aufnehmen und im Gegenzug mehr Einwanderer abweisen dürfen. US-Präsident Joe Biden und Premier Justin Trudeau haben die Einigung verkündet.


Rhein-Lahn-Kreis: Schwerverletzter bei Motorradunfall: K25 kurzzeitig gesperrt



Fußball: Halle verspielt beim 2:2 gegen Duisburg zweimal eine Führung



Partei: Herter soll NRW-SPD nach Kutschaty-Rücktritt führen



Migration: Biden verkündet Asyleinigung mit Kanada



Brasilien: Ex-Präsident Bolsonaro will politische Arbeit in Brasilien fortsetzen

Vor der Amtseinführung seines Nachfolgers hatte er das Land verlassen. Nun kehrt Bolsonaro zurück – und will wieder in die Politik. In Brasilien wird gegen ihn ermittelt.


Spasms of Violence and ‘Wild Protests’ Jolt Paris

Opponents of pension overhaul, mostly young people, hold nightly “wild protests,” marked by vandalism, saying it is the only way to make their voices heard.

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Regionalkonferenz: Merz: Klimawandel sei nur mit Wohlstandsperspektive zu lösen