The raid came as Trump is weighing another run for the presidency.

Kriminalität: Weniger Angriffe auf Asylbewerber, aber mehr Verletzte

Die Anzahl der Angriffe auf Asylbewerber ist in Deutschland im ersten Halbjahr 2022 laut einem Bericht zurückgegangen. Dennoch stieg die Zahl der dabei Verletzten.


Ex-US-Präsident: FBI durchsucht Anwesen von Donald Trump in Florida

Sein Zuhause in Palm Beach werde von FBI-Agenten belagert, schreibt Donald Trump auf seinem Netzwerk “Truth Social”. Die genauen Gründe waren zunächst unklar.


Ex-US-Präsident: Trumps Anwesen Mar-a-Lago von Bundespolizei durchsucht


U.S. Returns 30 Looted Antiquities to Cambodia

At a ceremony in Manhattan, federal officials said the artifacts had been stolen by organized looters who sold them through an art dealer who was later indicted on smuggling charges.

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Michigan Officials Push to Investigate Matthew DePerno in 2020 Election Scheme

Revelations of possible meddling have set off a political tsunami in a critical battleground state, as the attorney general seeks an independent inquiry into her likely rival on the ballot this fall.

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On Nona Willis Aronowitz’s ‘Bad Sex’

On Nona Willis Aronowitz’s “Bad Sex: Truth, Pleasure and an Unfinished Revolution.”

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The Inflation Reduction Act Is a Huge Deal for the Climate

On climate, Biden got almost everything he wanted.

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Jumping spiders may experience something like REM sleep

This little guy looks too perky to need a nap.

Enlarge / This little guy looks too perky to need a nap. (credit: Tony Liu)

Our sleep is marked by cycles of distinct brain activity. The most well-known of these is probably rapid eye movement, or REM sleep, which is characterized by loss of muscle control leading to twitching and paralysis, along with its eponymous eye movements. REM sleep is widespread in vertebrates, appearing in many mammals and birds; similar periods have also been observed in lizards.

Figuring out what might be going on beyond vertebrates can get a bit challenging, however, as identifying what constitutes sleep isn’t always clear, and many animals don’t have eyes that move in the same way as those of vertebrates. (Flies, for example, must move their entire head to reorient their eyes.) But an international team of researchers identified a group of jumping spiders that can reorient internal portions of their eyes during what appears to be sleep.

And according to this team, the spiders experience all the hallmarks of REM sleep, with periods of rapid eye movements associated with muscle twitching.

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Climate Bill, Albuquerque, Spiders: Your Monday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

Alex Jones’s Text Messages Turned Over to House Jan. 6 Committee

The messages only cover a period up to mid-2020, disappointing investigators who hoped they would shed light on the conspiracy theorist’s role in the events leading to the attack on the Capitol.

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It’s possible no electric vehicles will qualify for the new tax credit

Volkswagen is one of several automakers that are already assembling their EV battery packs locally. But the value of the materials that go into the pack will determine whether it qualifies for the revised clean vehicle tax credit.

Enlarge / Volkswagen is one of several automakers that are already assembling their EV battery packs locally. But the value of the materials that go into the pack will determine whether it qualifies for the revised clean vehicle tax credit. (credit: Volkswagen)

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 passed the United States Senate on Sunday and heads to the House of Representatives, where it is expected to pass easily. It contains numerous changes to the tax code, meant in large part to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Among these is a revision to the existing tax credit for new plug-in electric vehicles. As we detailed last week, the IRA introduces income caps for the tax credit, and it will only apply to sedans that cost less than $55,000 and other EVs that cost less than $80,000. The bill also drops the 200,000 vehicle-per-OEM cap on the tax credit, which would benefit both General Motors and Tesla.

At least it will if their EV batteries are mostly made within North America, with at least 40 percent of the materials used having been extracted and processed within North America or a country with a free trade agreement. Now, instead of being based on battery capacity, half the credit ($3,750) is tied to where the pack is made, and the other half its supply chain. And that will be a problem if you’re looking to buy an EV in 2023.

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Scientists hid encryption key for Wizard of Oz text in plastic molecules

Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin encrypted the key to decode text of the <em>The Wizard of Oz</em> in polymers.

Enlarge / Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin encrypted the key to decode text of the The Wizard of Oz in polymers. (credit: S.D. Dahlhauser et al., 2022)

Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin sent a letter to colleagues in Massachusetts with a secret message: an encryption key to unlock a text file of L. Frank Baum’s classic novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The twist: The encryption key was hidden in a special ink laced with polymers, They described their work in a recent paper published in the journal ACS Central Science.

When it comes to alternative means for data storage and retrieval, the goal is to store data in the smallest amount of space in a durable and readable format. Among polymers, DNA has long been the front runner in that regard. As we’ve reported previously, DNA has four chemical building blocks—adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G), and cytosine (C)—which constitute a type of code. Information can be stored in DNA by converting the data from binary code to a base-4 code and assigning it one of the four letters. A single gram of DNA can represent nearly 1 billion terabytes (1 zettabyte) of data. And the stored data can be preserved for long periods—decades, or even centuries.

There have been some inventive twists on the basic method for DNA storage in recent years. For instance, in 2019, scientists successfully fabricated a 3D-printed version of the Stanford bunny—a common test model in 3D computer graphics—that stored the printing instructions to reproduce the bunny. The bunny holds about 100 kilobytes of data, thanks to the addition of DNA-containing nanobeads to the plastic used to 3D print it. And scientists at the University of Washington recently recorded K-Pop lyrics directly onto living cells using a “DNA typewriter.”

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It’s Never Too Late to Take Up Water Polo

Mark Braly, 86, has spent the last decade playing a particularly challenging team sport. Is he good? No — but that’s not the point.

#age-chronological, #nevertoolate2021, #water-polo

28 years later, Super Punch-Out!!’s 2-player mode has been discovered

Up until today, Nintendo had never announced a two-player mode in a <em>Punch-Out!!</em> video game. As it turns out, one has hidden in plain sight for nearly 30 years.

Enlarge / Up until today, Nintendo had never announced a two-player mode in a Punch-Out!! video game. As it turns out, one has hidden in plain sight for nearly 30 years. (credit: Aurich Lawson | Nintendo)

While Punch-Out!! has been one of Nintendo’s most beloved “fighting” series since its 1984 debut in arcades, it has rarely featured something common in the genre: a two-player mode.

On Monday, however, that changed. The resulting discovery has been hiding in plain sight on the series’ Super Nintendo edition for nearly 30 years.

Should you own 1994’s Super Punch-Out!! in any capacity—an original SNES cartridge, a dumped ROM parsed by an emulator, on the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, or even as part of the paid Nintendo Switch Online collection of retro games—you can immediately access the feature, no hacking or ROM editing required. All you need is a pair of gamepads.

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Big Tech just got one step closer to squashing key US antitrust bill

Big Tech just got one step closer to squashing key US antitrust bill

Enlarge (credit: jimfeng | iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Sponsors of a key bipartisan antitrust bill have tried for months to secure a Senate vote and potentially pass “the first major bill on technology competition” to come before the Senate “since the dawn of the Internet.”

Now, The Wall Street Journal reports, that bill will remain “in limbo” as Congress has failed to schedule a vote before its recess. This could signify that Big Tech companies will prevail—through intense lobbying and criticism—and prevent the bill from passing a Senate floor vote. In just one week this summer, one industry group reportedly spent $22 million in ads against the bill.

The bill is controversial because it targets large companies like Amazon, Alphabet, Meta, and Apple. It stops them from self-preferencing business practices, like promoting their products above others or forcing smaller businesses to buy ad space to compete. Critics, like Google, say the law could threaten everything from the quality of online services to national security, but supporters, like bill co-sponsor Representative David Cicilline (D-RI), say much of the criticism boils down to “lies coming from Big Tech.”

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Bochum: Auto kracht in geparkte Fahrzeuge: Eine Person tot


Netflix-Kunden sind keine Gamer

99 Prozent der Netflix-Abonnenten haben die Spiele des Streamingdienstes noch nicht ausprobiert. Die verzeichnen 1,7 Millionen tägliche Nutzer.

Leute: «Grease»-Star Olivia Newton-John mit 73 gestorben


Olivia Newton-John: Olivia Newton-John mit 73 gestorben

Sie war eine der erfolgreichsten Sängerinnen der 70er und 80er Jahre. Im Alter von 73 Jahren ist Olivia Newton-John nun gestorben.


Film: «Grease»-Star Olivia Newton-John mit 73 gestorben


Olivia Newton-John, Pop Singer and ‘Grease’ Star, Dies at 73

She began her career as an innocent purveyor of middle-of-the-road pop but later adopted a bad-girl persona.

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Dota-Major in Arlington: PSG.LGD und Team Aster gewinnen Gruppen des Dota-2-Majors


Ukraine-Krieg: Pentagon: Bis zu 80.000 Russen getötet oder verletzt


Kuba: Kuba veröffentlicht Bilder von zweiter Öltanker-Explosion

Ein Blitz soll die Explosion eines Öltankers in Kuba ausgelöst haben. Nun ist ein zweiter Öltanker explodiert.


Potsdam-Mittelmark: Tödlicher Unfall mit Heißluftballon in Beelitz


Getreidelieferungen: Kapitän berichtet von gefährlichen Gewässern

Rund 12.000 Tonnen Mais hat die “Polarnet” geladen. Angekommen ist sie in der Türkei. Der Kapitän erzählt von dem Weg durch die Korridore.

US-Sanktionen gegen den Kryptowährungsdienst Tornado Cash

Laut US-Finanzministerium soll Tornado Cash nordkoreanischen Hackern bei der Geldwäsche geholfen haben. Mixing-Dienste geraten stärker ins Visier der Behörden.

Bundesliga: RB holt Werner: Transfer soll am Dienstag besiegelt werden


Maxibag: Jederzeit auf Großes vorbereitet

Minimalismus liegt im Trend. Doch Handtaschen werden immer größer. Die Trägerin signalisiert damit, dass sie sich sicher in einer Welt voller Möglichkeiten bewegt.


Rostock: Linke nominiert Eva-Maria Kröger als OB-Kandidatin


Heizkosten senken: Aufklären, Vorsorgen, Sparen

Die nächsten Nebenkostenabrechnungen werden für viele Mieter richtig teuer. Wohnungsgesellschaften versuchen gegenzusteuern. Das ist nicht einfach.


Israel-Gaza-Konflikt: Bis wieder die Sirenen heulen

Vier Tage, 44 Tote, mehr als 1.000 Raketen auf Israel: Der israelisch-palästinensische Konflikt ist einmal mehr eskaliert. Wer profitiert von dem jüngsten Gewaltausbruch?


In War-Torn Mykolaiv, Ukrainians Search for Informers

As the city emerged from a 54-hour lockdown, the governor of the Mykolaiv region declared the operation a success, saying that five people had been arrested.

#international-relations, #kim-vitaliy, #mykolaiv-ukraine, #russia, #russian-invasion-of-ukraine-2022, #ukraine, #war-and-armed-conflicts

Wunsiedel: 73-Jährige tödlich im Weißenstädter See verunglückt


Bremen: 23-Jähriger nach Schussverletzung im Krankenhaus


Titelkämpfe in Dänemark: Keine Einzel-Medaille nach Corona-Schock bei Dressur-WM


‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Review: An Adaptation That Needs Tailoring

The new Elton John-Shaina Taub musical, based on the popular film about a fashion-world ingénue and her demanding boss, isn’t yet ready-to-wear.

#john-elton, #jones-taylor-iman, #leavel-beth, #shapiro-anna-d, #taub-shaina-1988, #the-devil-wears-prada-play, #theater, #wetherhead-kate

Brand im Grunewald: Giffey: Avus bleibt voraussichtlich auch Dienstag gesperrt


Crypto-driven GPU crash makes Nvidia miss Q2 projections by $1.4 billion

Crypto-driven GPU crash makes Nvidia miss Q2 projections by $1.4 billion

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images)

Nvidia doesn’t officially announce its second-quarter financial results until the end of the month, but the company is trying to soften the blow by announcing preliminary results today. And as with so many other tech companies in the last month, the results are mixed at best. With $6.7 billion in revenue, Nvidia managed to eke out year-over-year growth, but the results are still bad news because that number is down from a previously forecasted $8.1 billion, a miss of $1.4 billion.

Nvidia blamed this shortfall on weaker-than-expected demand for its gaming products, including its GeForce graphics processors. Nvidia pointed to “a reduction in channel partner sales,” meaning that partners like Evga, MSI, Asus, Zotac, Gigabyte, and others were selling fewer new GPUs than anticipated. This drop can be attributed partly to a crash in the value of mining-based cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum—fewer miners are buying these cards, and miners looking to unload their GPUs on the secondhand market are also giving gamers a cheaper source for graphics cards.

“As we expect the macroeconomic conditions affecting sell-through to continue, we took actions with our Gaming partners to adjust channel prices and inventory,” said Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. That means we may see further price drops for existing GeForce GPUs, which have already been dropping in price throughout the year. Some cards still haven’t reverted to their originally advertised prices, but they’re getting closer all the time.

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Norwegen: Eisbär verletzt Touristin auf Spitzbergen und wird getötet


Hitzewelle: Frankreich erwartet erneut Temperaturen von bis zu 40 Grad

Frankreich erlebt die vierte Hitzewelle in diesem Jahr. In Spanien und Portugal war der Juli der heißeste Monat seit Beginn der Aufzeichnungen. Das Liveblog zur Hitze


Frankreich: Belugawal soll aus der Seine ins Meer gebracht werden


Starlink: Grünes Licht in Kolumbien

Kolumbiens Regierung erteilt Starlink die Zulassung. Die Genehmigung soll die Einführung neuer Technologien wie das Internet der Dinge oder 5G fördern.

Deutsche Eishockey-Liga: Fans bejubeln Eisbären: Aubin sieht hungriges Team


Another Gaza Conflict, but With a Difference: Hamas Sat It Out.

In the weekend battle with Israel, Hamas left the fighting to Islamic Jihad, another militant group, highlighting differences between them over how best to combat Israel.

#gaza-strip, #hamas, #israel, #muslim-brotherhood-egypt, #muslims-and-islam, #palestinians, #war-and-armed-conflicts

Excel esports on ESPN show world the pain of format errors

Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to modelllllllll!

Enlarge / Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to modelllllllll! (credit: FMWC)

If you watched ESPN2 during its stint last weekend as “ESPN8: The Ocho,” you may have seen some odd, meme-friendly competitions, including corgi racing, precision paper airplane tossing, and slippery stair climbing.

Or you might have seen “Excel Esports: All-Star Battle,” a tournament in which an unexpected full-column Flash Fill is announced like a 50-yard Hail Mary. It’s just the latest mainstream acknowledgment of Excel as a viable, if quirky, esport, complete with down-to-the-wire tension and surprising comebacks.

The full Excel Esports All-Star Battle.

The Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC) hosts regular international competitions, both invitational and open to anyone, in which Excel pros strive to solve as many questions as possible from a complex task. You can download all three of the tasks used in last weekend’s battle for free.

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Wahlen: Rostocker FDP-Kreisvorstand für Ebert als OB-Kandidat


Transfer: Wechsel perfekt: Kölner Modeste für eine Jahr nach Dortmund


Großbritannien: Boris Johnson will keine wichtigen Entscheidungen mehr treffen

Der scheidende britische Premier will alle grundlegenden Entscheidungen seinem Nachfolger überlassen. Dies gelte auch für die Finanzpolitik – trotz enormer Inflation.