Extremismus: Zschäpe als Zeugin in NSU-Untersuchungsausschuss geladen



FBI: Nordkorea für 100-Millionen-Diebstahl von Kryptowährung verantwortlich

Mitte 2022 wurde die Wechselstube des Kryptoprojekts Harmony Horizon um über 100 Millionen Dollar erleichtert. Jetzt wurde die Beute gewaschen.

Extremistenführer: US-Militär tötet wichtigen IS-Anführer in Somalia

Bei einem Einsatz in Somalia hat das US-Militär nach eigenen Angaben einen ranghohen IS-Anführer getötet. Die Operation sei von Präsident Joe Biden genehmigt worden.


Rechtsextremismus: Beate Zschäpe als Zeugin in NSU-Untersuchungsausschuss geladen

Im Komplex NSU sind bis heute viele Fragen offen. Nun soll Beate Zschäpe vor dem bayerischen NSU-Untersuchungsausschuss erscheinen. Es ist unklar, ob sie antworten wird.


Chip-Hersteller: Intel mit Umsatzeinbruch und Verlust – Aktie fällt



RTL-Show: Claudia Effenberg muss das Dschungelcamp verlassen



James Dolan Says He Might Ban Liquor at a Rangers Game in Madison Square Garden

James Dolan barred adversaries using facial recognition technology, and politicians bridled. Now, he is threatening to ban beer at a Rangers game.

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Murdaugh Said He Knew Killer’s Motive on Night His Wife and Son Were Slain

Prosecutors said that Alex Murdaugh, the lawyer now on trial in the murders, was trying to cover his tracks when he offered a ready explanation to the police.

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Polizeigewalt: Tödliche Verkehrskontrolle: Justiz geht gegen Polizisten vor



UNESCO Designates Odesa a World Heritage Site Amid Russian Attacks

The Black Sea port has been battered by Russian shelling for months.

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USA: Fünf US-Polizisten nach Tod von Schwarzem in Memphis angeklagt

Die Polizisten hatten einen Autofahrer wegen “rücksichtslosen Fahrens” angehalten und offenbar zusammengeschlagen. Nun sind sie wegen Mord zweiten Grades angeklagt.


Terrorismus: US-Militär tötet wichtigen IS-Anführer in Somalia



Intel schreibt höchstes Operativminus der Firmengeschichte

Auf einen grausigen Jahresabschluss folgt ein noch grausigerer Ausblick auf Anfang 2023. Intel streicht viele Pläne, um Geld zu sparen.

New York Public Library Acquires Joan Didion’s Papers

The joint archive of Didion and her husband, John Gregory Dunne, includes manuscripts, photographs, letters, dinner party guest lists and other personal items.

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Internet: Twitter-Account der Luftwaffe gehackt



A 29-Year-Old Woman Posed as a New Jersey High School Student for 4 Days

The woman attended classes in New Brunswick for four days before her ruse was discovered, officials said.

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Streik in Frankreich: Gewerkschaften in Frankreich rufen erneut zu Generalstreik auf

In Frankreich wird es landesweit zu Arbeitsniederlegungen unter anderem im Schienen-, Flug- und Busverkehr kommen. Grund dafür ist die Rentenreform von Präsident Macron.


Can Anything Be Done to Assuage Rural Rage?

Rural voters blame the wrong people, but their troubles are real.

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Three Ways to Finish a Tub of Miso

It’s an ingredient that could last forever. But it shouldn’t have to.

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A Timeline of Events in the Tyre Nichols Case

Mr. Nichols was pulled over by the Memphis police on the evening of Jan. 7 and died three days later. Five officers were charged with murder on Thursday.

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Mayor Adams Focuses Agenda on the ‘Working People’ of New York

In his second State of the City address, Mayor Eric Adams turned his attention toward the essential needs of everyday New Yorkers, promising cleaner streets and more affordable housing.

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Tischtennis: TTC Eastside scheidet in Champions League aus


An Australian Open Final With Tennis and Debate on the Ukraine War

Nearly a year after Russia invaded Ukraine, a Russian-turned-Kazakh will play a Belarusian in the finals, which is sure to stir the debate over whether athletes from those countries should participate in international sports.

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Merzig-Wadern: Polizei stellt Fahrer von Linienbus nach Unfallflucht



Klimapolitik: Regierungstreffen zu Klimazielen endet ohne erkennbares Ergebnis

Grüne und FDP vertreten im Klimaschutz oft verschiedene Positionen. Vor allem Verkehrsminister Wissing musste sich im Vorfeld des Treffens scharfe Kritik anhören.


Klimapolitik: Regierungstreffen zur Klimazielen endet ohne erkennbares Ergebnis

Grüne und FDP vertreten im Klimaschutz oft verschiedene Positionen. Vor allem Verkehrsminister Wissing musste sich im Vorfeld des Treffens scharfe Kritik anhören.


Rems-Murr-Kreis: Ein Dutzend Verletzte bei Brand in Haus in Schorndorf



Deepfakes for scrawl: With handwriting synthesis, no pen is necessary

An example of computer-synthesized handwriting generated by Calligrapher.ai.

Enlarge / An example of computer-synthesized handwriting generated by Calligrapher.ai. (credit: Ars Technica)

Thanks to a free web app called calligrapher.ai, anyone can simulate handwriting with a neural network that runs in a browser via JavaScript. After typing a sentence, the site renders it as handwriting in nine different styles, each of which is adjustable with properties such as speed, legibility, and stroke width. It also allows downloading the resulting faux handwriting sample in an SVG vector file.

The demo is particularly interesting because it doesn’t use a font. Typefaces that look like handwriting have been around for over 80 years, but each letter comes out as a duplicate no matter how many times you use it.

During the past decade, computer scientists have relaxed those restrictions by discovering new ways to simulate the dynamic variety of human handwriting using neural networks.

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Basketball: Alba Berlin verliert nach langem Kampf gegen Valencia



Krieg gegen die Ukraine: Russland reagiert mit großem Beschuss auf angekündigte Panzerlieferung

Bei russischen Raketenangriffen in der Ukraine sind elf Menschen gestorben. Damit reagiert Russland wohl auf die Panzerzusagen einiger Nato-Staaten, darunter Deutschland.


Rastatt: Polizei sucht Zeugen nach Brand in Kirche



Schwerin: Landtag gedenkt der Opfer der tödlichen Messerattacke



Nordwestmecklenburg: Entscheidung über Flüchtlingsunterkunft: Tumulte


Q4 2022 was a disaster for smartphone sales, sees the largest-ever drop

An empty Samsung Store.

Enlarge / An empty Samsung Store. (credit: Samsung)

With a million layoffs and rising inflation, it turns out consumers also aren’t interested in spending a ton on a new smartphone. The International Data Corporation has the latest numbers for worldwide smartphone sales in Q4 2022, and it’s a disaster. Shipments declined 18.3 percent year-over-year, making for the largest-ever decline in a single quarter and dragging the year down to an 11.3 percent decline. With overall shipments of 1.21 billion phones for the year, the IDC says this is the lowest annual shipment total since 2013.

In the top five for Q4 2022—in order, they were Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo—Apple was, of course, the least affected, but not by much. Apple saw a year-over-year drop of 14.9 percent for Q4 2022, Samsung was down 15.6 percent, and the big loser, Xiaomi, dropped 26.5 percent. For the year, Samsung still took the No. 1 spot with 21.6 percent market share, Apple was No. 2 with 18.8 percent, and Xiaomi took third place at 12.7 percent.

The IDC also notes consumers are keeping smartphones longer than ever now, with “refresh rates” or the time that passes before people buy a new phone ‘climb[ing] past 40 months in most major markets.’ The report closes saying: “2023 is set up to be a year of caution as vendors will rethink their portfolio of devices while channels will think twice before taking on excess inventory. However, on a positive note, consumers may find even more generous trade-in offers and promotions continuing well into 2023 as the market will think of new methods to drive upgrades and sell more devices, specifically high-end models.”

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USA: Ehemalige US-Präsidenten sollen nach Geheimdokumenten suchen

Bei Joe Biden waren zuletzt geheime Dokumente aufgetaucht. Nun sollen auch Ex-Präsidenten sichergehen, dass sie keine vertraulichen Dokumente mehr bei sich haben.


Sayfullo Saipov Convicted in Bike-Path Truck Attack That Killed 8

Sayfullo Saipov could face the death penalty in the federal case. He said he was inspired to carry out the attack by Islamic State videos.

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Nokia wächst besonders in Indien, Lateinamerika und am Meeresboden

Telecom-Ausrüster Nokia ist 2022 in allen Weltregionen gewachsen, aber unterschiedlich stark. Die Firma erwartet eine gedeihliche Zukunft, was den Gewinn hebt.

Parteien: Rot-Rot verliert laut Umfrage an Rückhalt: Schwesig büßt ein



Köln: Brand in Uni-Center Köln: Treppenhaus verraucht



All five officers face the same set of charges. Here is what they mean.

Regierung: Rot-Rot verliert laut Umfrage an Rückhalt: Schwesig büßt ein



Antibiotic resistance induced by the widespread use of… antidepressants?

Image of a smiley face with a frown, with the lines drawn using pills.

Enlarge (credit: Larry Washburn)

Jianhua Guo is a professor at the Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology. His research focuses on removing contaminants from wastewater and the environmental dimensions of antimicrobial resistance. One of those dimensions is the overuse of antibiotics, which promotes resistance to these drugs.

Guo wondered if the same might hold true for other types of pharmaceuticals as well. His lab found that they definitely do. Specific antidepressants—SSRIs and SNRIs—promote resistance to different classes of antibiotics. This resistance is heritable over 33 bacterial generations, even once the antidepressant is removed.

So much work

Antidepressants are among the most prescribed and ingested drugs there are. They account for roughly 5 percent of the pharmaceutical market share—about the same as antibiotics—and four of the top 10 most prescribed psychiatric meds in the US.

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Titelkämpfe in Finnland: Eiskunstlauf-Paar Hocke/Kunkel gewinnt EM-Bronze



Do mechanical keyboards really need arrow keys? 

A recent keyboard announcement explores a space-saving alternative to dedicated arrow buttons.

Enlarge / A recent keyboard announcement explores a space-saving alternative to dedicated arrow buttons. (credit: Scharon Harding)

Which keys are absolutely essential to a keyboard? Many will tell you the entire numpad is, while others demand macro keys. I personally insist on a volume knob for my home office setup. And as someone who has tested 60 percent keyboards, which have no numpad or arrow keys, I’d add that for productivity and my sanity, arrow keys are also mandatory.

Arrow-less keyboards have their market, but for the vast majority, no arrows on a keyboard is a deal-breaker. A mechanical keyboard Angry Miao announced today asks us to consider an alternative, though. Instead of arrow keys or relying on a key combo for arrow input (like most 60 percent keyboard users do), it has a capacitive touch panel on the front edge for inputting arrow and other functions with your thumbs.

Is Angry Miao on to something here?

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Musik: AnnenMayKantereit: Ziviler Ungehorsam wie legitim



Messerangriff bei Brokstedt: Tatverdächtiger wurde vor wenigen Tagen psychiatrisch beurteilt

Kurz vor dem Messerangriff hatte ein Psychiater bei dem Tatverdächtigen keine Fremdgefährdung feststellen können. Innenministerin Faeser gedenkt den Opfern der Tat.


U.S. Economy Grew at 2.9% Annual Rate in Fourth Quarter

The continued growth in the fourth quarter showed the resilience of consumers and businesses in the face of rising inflation and interest rates.

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MSG probed over use of facial recognition to eject lawyers from show venues

A man dressed as a Christmas tree walks near Radio City Music Hall on December 14, 2021 in New York City.

Enlarge / Radio City Music Hall on December 14, 2021, in New York City. (credit: Getty Images | Alexi Rosenfeld )

The operator of Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall is being probed by New York’s attorney general over the company’s use of facial recognition technology to identify and exclude lawyers from events. AG Letitia James’ office said the policy may violate civil rights laws.

Because of the policy, lawyers who work for firms involved in litigation against MSG Entertainment Corp. can be denied entry to shows or sporting events, even when they have no direct involvement in any lawsuits against MSG. A lawyer who is subject to MSG’s policy may buy a ticket to an event but be unable to get in because the MSG venues use facial recognition to identify them.

In December, attorney Kelly Conlon was denied entry into Radio City Music Hall in New York when she accompanied her daughter’s Girl Scout troop to a Rockettes show. Conlon wasn’t personally involved in any lawsuits against MSG but is a lawyer for a firm that “has been involved in personal injury litigation against a restaurant venue now under the umbrella of MSG Entertainment,” NBC New York reported.

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«Grünes Band»: Ehemaliger Grenzstreifen wird Naturmonument


Staat und Gesellschaft: Der Staat bist du

Wird vom starken Staat gesprochen, sind meist Strafen und Sanktionen gemeint, nicht Kitas und Krankenhäuser. Deshalb müssen wir unser Gemeinwesen neu denken.