Ukraine-Konflikt: USA besorgt über russische Truppenverlegungen nach Belarus

Russland habe Soldaten in das Nachbarland der Ukraine verlegt, teilt die US-Regierung mit. Eine Komplizenschaft des dortigen Regimes bei einem Angriff sei “inakzeptabel”.


Prozesse: Schlafende Bekannte getötet: Verfahren um Einweisung beginnt


Prozesse: Untreue-Prozess gegen Ex-Landrat: Mögliche Geldauflage


Three Police Officers Charged in Fatal Shooting of Child Outside Football Game

The officers opened fire after two teenagers began shooting outside a high school stadium in Sharon Hill, Pa., a Philadelphia suburb.

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Regierung: Virtueller Neujahrsempfang des Bremer Senats


Landtag: Landtag debattiert über engere Zusammenarbeit mit Berlin


Landtag: Gebauer steht Rede und Antwort zur Omikron-Ausbreitung


Cuomo Has $16 Million in Campaign Cash and No Campaign. What Now?

The former governor still has a big war chest even as he faces large legal bills.

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Verbraucher: Steigende Energiepreise beschäftigen die Verbraucherzentrale


Kriminalität: Ex-Parlamentarier Räpple wegen Verunglimpfung vor Gericht


Vereinte Nationen: Guterres will Ex-Kanzlerin Merkel für UN einspannen


Senate Opens Voting Rights Debate, With Legislative Defeat Looming

Democrats’ bid to force through a new bill intended to offset state voting restrictions appeared doomed to fall to a Republican filibuster.

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Mittelmeer: Libysche Küstenwache greift dreimal so viele Migranten auf wie 2020

30.990 Menschen hat Libyen nach UN-Angaben vom Mittelmeer zurückgebracht – und teils willkürlich inhaftiert. Auch die Zahl der Ertrunkenen ist gestiegen.


Gamers Greet Microsoft’s Activision Deal With Guarded Optimism

Some players, unhappy with Activision in recent years, said the Microsoft deal could reverse a decline in quality.

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AT&T to Delay 5G Service at Some Airports After Airlines Warn of Chaos

Whether the change would end the long conflict between the telecom and aviation industries wasn’t clear.

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Fußball: Tedesco warnt vor Hansa: «Nicht zu unterschätzen»


Bürgerschaft: Bürgerschaft debattiert über Corona: Schärfere Regeln


Fußball: Hoffenheim und Freiburg kämpfen um DFB-Pokal-Viertelfinale


Prozesse: Foltervorwürfe gegen syrischen Arzt: Prozess in Frankfurt


Superreiche: Mehr als 100 Millionäre sprechen sich für Vermögenssteuer aus

“Besteuert uns, die Reichen, und zwar jetzt”, fordern Millionäre von ihren Regierungen. Eine Vermögenssteuer könne etwa die Gesundheitsversorgung verbessern.


USA: Ausschuss zu Kapitol-Attacke lädt Trump-Anwalt Giuliani vor


Study: Female dolphins have a working clitoris, so they probably enjoy sex

Sure, they look like they're just taking a friendly swim, but these two dolphins are actually aroused. A recent study found that female bottlenose dolphins have large erectile bodies that fill up with blood, large nerves with nerve bundles that end right under the skin, thinner skin on the clitoris body, and genital corpuscles known to be involved in the pleasure response.

Enlarge / Sure, they look like they’re just taking a friendly swim, but these two dolphins are actually aroused. A recent study found that female bottlenose dolphins have large erectile bodies that fill up with blood, large nerves with nerve bundles that end right under the skin, thinner skin on the clitoris body, and genital corpuscles known to be involved in the pleasure response. (credit: Dara Orbach)

Female dolphins are known to be highly social and engage in all sorts of sexual behavior. In addition to mating with male dolphins, female bottlenose dolphins are, for instance, known to masturbate and also rub each other’s clitoris with snouts, flippers, and flukes, suggesting the acts are pleasurable for them. According to a recent paper published in the journal Current Biology, there is now anatomical evidence that the dolphin clitoris is fully functional, remarkably similar in many ways to the clitoris in human females.

It’s not just dolphins that engage in what Canadian biologist and linguist Bruce Bagemihl has dubbed “biological exuberance.” Same-sex pairings have been recorded in some 450 different species, including flamingoes, bison, warthogs, beetles, and guppies. For instance, female koalas sometimes mount other females, while male Amazon river dolphins have been known to penetrate each other’s blowholes. The observation of female-female pairs among Laysan albatrosses made national headlines, prompting comedian Stephen Colbert to warn satirically that “albatresbians” were threatening American family values with their “Sappho-avian agenda.” Female hedgehogs may hump one another or perform cunnilingus, while 60 percent of all sexual activity among bonobos takes place between two or more females.

Despite this abundance of behavioral evidence, there have been very few academic studies of the clitoris and female sexual pleasure in nature, according to Patricia Brennan, a marine biologist at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and a co-author of the new study. “This has left us with an incomplete picture of the true nature of sexual behaviors,” she said. “Studying and understanding sexual behaviors in nature is a fundamental part of understanding the animal experience and may even have important medical applications in the future.” It can also yield insights into the evolution of sexual behaviors.

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Prozesse: Prozess in Landshut wegen tödlicher Schüsse in Los Angeles


Fußball: Hertha BSC empfängt 1. FC Union im Berlin-Derby im DFB-Pokal


Notfälle: Fliegerbombe wird in Magdeburg entschärft


Emily’s List Presses Kyrsten Sinema Over Filibuster Stance

The powerful political action committee said the Arizona senator could find herself “standing alone” in 2024 if she refuses to change Senate rules to force through voting rights legislation.

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Putin to Ukraine: ‘Marry Me or I’ll Kill You’

He’s not particularly concerned, though, with what’s in Ukraine.

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Biden Can Still Rescue His Presidency

He needs to remember why the American people elected him. 

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Pharma: Spezialglashersteller Schott stellt Bilanz vor


Berichte: Parteiinterne Rebellion gegen Johnson weitet sich aus


Verkehr: Hamburger Hochbahn gibt Ausblick auf Projekte 2022


Prosecutors Reportedly Asked About Trump’s Role in Jan. 6 Riot

A court filing by a defendant in a Capitol riot case said the Justice Department was looking for information about a possible “organized conspiracy” involving the former president.

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Russia, Covid Tests, Naomi Osaka: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

COVID-infected hamsters in pet shop trigger animal cull in Hong Kong

People in protective gear stand outside a colorful storefront.

Enlarge / Workers with Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department inspect the Little Boss pet store in Hong Kong, China, on Tuesday, January 18, 2022. (credit: Getty | Bloomberg)

Authorities in Hong Kong are planning to cull around 2,000 small animals after a pet store employee and several imported hamsters tested positive for COVID-19, according to a report by the Associated Press.

On Monday, the pet store employee tested positive and was found to be infected with the delta coronavirus variant. Several hamsters in the store, which had recently been imported from the Netherlands, were also positive. The city, meanwhile, has been grappling with an outbreak of COVID-19 cases caused by the omicron variant.

It’s unclear if the pet store cases are linked and, if they are, if the employee was infected by the hamsters or vice versa. But Hong Kong authorities say they can’t exclude the possibility that the hamsters spread the virus to the employee. As such, they aren’t taking any chances.

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Dentist Killed His Wife on an African Hunting Trip, U.S. Says

Lawrence Rudolph collected nearly $4.9 million in life insurance benefits after the fatal shooting of his wife, Bianca, in Zambia in 2016, according to court documents. He has pleaded not guilty.

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Corona-Pandemie: Lauterbach: Impfpflicht muss schnell kommen


Was geschah am…: Kalenderblatt 2022: 19. Januar


Rudy Giuliani and 3 Others Subpoenaed by Jan. 6 Inquiry

The House committee investigating the Capitol riot called for documents and testimony from Rudolph W. Giuliani and three others.

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Google kills YouTube Originals, its original video content group

Google kills YouTube Originals, its original video content group

Enlarge (credit: YouTube)

Variety reports that Google’s original video content group, YouTube Originals, is dead. The YouTube division was founded six years ago to make exclusive, original content for the pay-per-month YouTube Premium service. Now, the group is being shuttered, and YouTube’s global head of original content, Susanne Daniels, is leaving the company in March.

Just after the news broke, YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl posted a statement on Twitter:

YouTube is the web’s de facto video site, but Google still tends to chase any hot new web video trend that appears. YouTube Shorts is a clone of TikTok. YouTube Gaming is a clone of Twitch. YouTube Stories was meant to be an answer to Snapchat. YouTube Originals was a swipe at Netflix, which, in 2016, was turning heads with award-winning shows like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. Back then, the $12-per-month YouTube Premium started life as “YouTube Red,” and its offerings were called YouTube Red Originals.

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Vereinte Nationen: UN: Zahl der Migranten im Mittelmeer aus Libyen stark erhöht


Judge Approves Deal to Resolve Puerto Rico Bankruptcy

The plan restructures $33 billion in debt nearly five years after Puerto Rico became the first U.S. state or territory to essentially declare bankruptcy.

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Spanien: Ältester Mann der Welt mit 112 Jahren gestorben


Achtelfinale: «Sacken lassen»: BVB scheitert im Pokal an St. Pauli


Prozesse: Ex-OB Wolbergs will über Verfahrensstand informieren


Some Roku smart TVs are now showing banner ads over live TV

A Roku streaming box. It seems these ads aren't appearing on Roku's own hardware like this device; instead, they're appearing on TVs that license Roku's software platform.

Enlarge / A Roku streaming box. It seems these ads aren’t appearing on Roku’s own hardware like this device; instead, they’re appearing on TVs that license Roku’s software platform.

Some Roku smart TV owners are seeing banner ads appear over live content, according to a thread on the r/cordcutters subreddit.

A user named p3t3or posted the following message:

Welp, this is the last time I purchase or recommend a Roku. After a Sleep Number commercial, I just got a Roku ad sidebar while watching live TV. Really loved the Roku experience up until now, but this is a deal breaker.

The message was accompanied by the following photo:

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Achtelfinale: Bochum dreht Pokal-Spiel gegen Mainz – Pantovic-Traumtor


Achtelfinale: BVB im Pokal raus: St. Pauli feiert Coup gegen Dortmund


Frank-Walter Steinmeier: Bundespräsident besucht “Haus der Wannseekonferenz”

Das Gästehaus der SS ist heute eine Gedenk- und Bildungsstätte. Bei seinem Besuch sprach Steinmeier mit jungen Beamtinnen und Beamten über historische Verantwortung.


Demonstrationen: Erneut Corona-Demo mit 1000 Teilnehmern in Cottbus aufgelöst


2:1 gegen Alliance: Team Liquid holt Titel der Dota 2 Dreamleague Season 16