Our Digital Lives Drive a Brick-and-Mortar Boom in Data Centers

Developers and investors see more opportunities in commercial real estate as businesses and consumers gobble up more data.

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2020’s Hot Gadget Is the Computer

Computers are no longer boring. This year, they’re everything.

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Qumulo update adds NvME caching for more efficient use of flash storage

Qumulo, the Seattle-based data storage startup, announced a bunch of updates today including support for NvME caching, an approach that should enable customers to access faster flash storage at a lower price point.

NvME flash storage development is evolving quickly, driving down the price with higher performance, a win-win situation for large data producers, but it’s still more expensive than traditional drives. Qumulo CEO Bill Richter pointed out that the software still has to take advantage of these changing flash storage dynamics.

To that end, the company claims with its new NvME caching capability, it is giving customers the ability to access faster flash storage for the same price as spinning disks by optimizing the software to more intelligently manage data on its platform and take advantage of the higher performance storage.

The company is also announcing the ability to dynamically scale using the latest technologies such as chips, memory and storage in an automated way. Further, it’s providing automated data encryption at no additional charge and new instant updates, which it says can be implemented without any down time. Finally, it has introduced a new interface to make it easier for customers to move their data from on premises data storage to Amazon S3.

Richter says that the company’s mission has always been about creating, managing and consuming massive amounts of file-based data. As the pandemic has taken hold, more companies are moving their data and applications to the cloud.

“The major secular trends that underpin Qumulo’s mission — the massive amount of file-based content, and the use of cloud computing to solve the content challenge, have both accelerated during the pandemic and we have received really clear signs of that,” he said.

Qumulo was founded back in 2012 and has raised $351 million. Its most recent raise was a hefty $125 million last July on a valuation over $1.2 billion.

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Snowflake More Than Doubles in Debut as Wall Street Embraces Tech IPOs

The data storage company is among several prominent start-ups going public this year as the tech industry thrives in the pandemic.

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Trump’s TikTok and WeChat Edicts Are Straight Out of China’s Playbook

The foolish and dangerous move suggests that the United States, like China, no longer believes in a global internet.

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