Sometimes, Life Stinks. So He Invented the Nasal Ranger.

For Chuck McGinley, an engineer who devised the go-to instrument for measuring odors, helping people understand what they smell is serious science.

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As Infrastructure Money Flows, Wastewater Improvements Are Key

The new law allocates $11.7 billion for wastewater and stormwater projects. Will it get to the impoverished communities who need it most?

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For the Climate, Biden Must Be More Aggressive in Ending New Truck and Bus Emissions

To meet his climate goals, the president must clean up these carbon-spewing vehicles. 

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Virginia Democrats Aim to Block Trump’s E.P.A. Chief From State Agency

In Virginia, cabinet nominees are rarely blocked. But the Republican governor-elect’s choice of Andrew Wheeler to be natural resources secretary has alarmed Democrats.

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E.P.A. Announces Tighter Auto Pollution Rules

Under the new plan, designed to reduce planet-warming tailpipe emissions, new vehicles would be required to average 55 miles per gallon starting in 2026.

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Biden Administration Promises Stricter Regulation of Lead in Drinking Water

The administration says it aims to replace all of the lead pipes and service lines in the country, an effort that could cost up to $60 billion.

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In Hawaii, Fears Grow Over Unsafe Levels of Petroleum in Drinking Water

State health officials warned residents at a military base near Pearl Harbor to avoid using the water after the Navy found petroleum in samples taken from one of its wells.

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Infrastructure Bill Makes First Major U.S. Investment in Climate Resilience

The measure includes $47 billion to help communities prepare for the new age of extreme fires, floods, storms and droughts that scientists say are worsened by human-caused climate change.

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Biden Administration Moves to Limit Methane, a Potent Greenhouse Gas

A new rule will be announced at a U.N. summit where the United States is facing skepticism about its commitment to climate change, aides said.

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Supreme Court to Hear Case on EPA’s Power to Limit Carbon Emissions

The case, brought by Republican-led states and coal companies, could frustrate the Biden administration’s efforts to address climate change.

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Supreme Court to Hear Case on E.P.A.’s Power to Limit Carbon Emissions

The case, brought by Republican-led states and coal companies, could frustrate the Biden administration’s efforts to address climate change.

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Biden Crafts a Climate Plan B: Tax Credits, Regulation and State Action

The new strategy could deeply cut greenhouse gases that are heating the planet but it will still face considerable political, logistical and legal hurdles.

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‘Shell Game’: How Chemical Companies Avoid Paying for Pollution

DuPont factories pumped dangerous substances into the environment. The company and its offspring have gone to great lengths to dodge responsibility.

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Biden Administration Plans New Regulations for Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’

Michael Regan, the E.P.A. administrator, wants to limit a class of chemicals that has been linked to cancer and is found in everything from drinking water to furniture.

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The White House is set to announce new limits on HFCs, a powerful driver of climate change.

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to issue a final regulation on Thursday morning that will slash the use of hydrofluorocarbons, widely used in air-conditioning and refrigeration.

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White House Is Set to Announce Limits on HFCs

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to issue a final regulation on Thursday morning that will slash the use of hydrofluorocarbons, widely used in air-conditioning and refrigeration.

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AgBiome lands $166M for safer crop protection technology

AgBiome, developing products from microbial communities, brought in a $116 million Series D round as the company prepares to pad its pipeline with new products.

The company, based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., was co-founded in 2012 by a group including co-CEOs Scott Uknes and Eric Ward, who have known each other for over 30 years. They created the Genesis discovery platform to capture diverse microbes for agricultural applications, like crop protection, and screen the strains for the best assays that would work for insect, disease and nematode control.

“The microbial world is immense,” said Uknes, who explained that there is estimated to be a trillion microbes, but only 1% have been discovered. The microbes already discovered are used by humans for things like pharmaceuticals, food and agriculture. AgBiome built its database in Genesis to house over 100,000 microbes and every genome in every microbe was sequenced into hundreds of strains.

The company randomly selects strains and looks for the best family of strains with a certain activity, like preventing fungus on strawberries, and creates the product.

AgBiome co-CEOs Scott Uknes and Eric Ward. Image Credits: AgBiome

Its first fungicide product, Howler, was launched last year and works on more than 300 crop-disease combinations. The company saw 10x sales growth in 2020, Uknes told TechCrunch. As part of farmers’ integrated pest program, they often spray fungicide applications 12 times per year in order to yield fruits and vegetables.

Due to its safer formula, Howler can be used as the last spray in the program, and its differentiator is a shorter re-entry period — farmers can spray in the morning and be able to go back out in the field in the afternoon. It also has a shorter pre-harvest time of four hours after application. Other fungicides on the market today require seven days before re-entry and pre-harvest, Uknes explained.

AgBiome aims to add a second fungicide product, Theia, in early 2022, while a third, Esendo was submitted for Environmental Protection Agency registration. Uknes expects to have 11 products, also expanding into insecticides and herbicides, by 2025.

The oversubscribed Series D round was co-led by Blue Horizon and Novalis LifeSciences and included multiple new and existing investors. The latest investment gives AgBiome over $200 million in total funding to date. The company’s last funding round was a $65 million Series C raised in 2018.

While competitors in synthetic biology often sell their companies to someone who can manufacture their products, Uknes said AgBiome decided to manufacture and commercialize the products itself, something he is proud of his team for being able to do.

“We want to feed the world responsibly, and these products have the ability to substitute for synthetic chemicals and provide growers a way to protect their crops, especially as consumers want natural, sustainable tools,” he added.

The company has grown to over 100 employees and will use the new funding to accelerate production of its two new products, building out its manufacturing capacity in North America and expanding its footprint internationally. Uknes anticipates growing its employee headcount to 300 in the next five years.

AgBiome anticipates rolling up some smaller companies that have a product in production to expand its pipeline in addition to its organic growth. As a result, Uknes said he was particular about the kind of investment partners that would work best toward that goal.

Przemek Obloj, managing partner at Blue Horizon, was introduced to the company by existing investors. His firm has an impact fund focused on the future of food and began investing in alternative proteins in 2016 before expanding that to delivery systems in agriculture technology, he said.

Obloj said AgBiome is operating in a $60 billion market where the problems include products that put toxic chemicals into the ground that end up in water systems. While the solution would be to not do that, not doing that would mean produce doesn’t grow as well, he added.

The change in technology in agriculture is enabling Uknes and Ward to do something that wasn’t possible 10 years ago because there was not enough compute or storage power to discover and sequence microbes.

“We don’t want to pollute the Earth, but we have to find a way to feed 9 billion people by 2050,” Obloj said. “With AgBiome, there is an alternative way to protect crops than by polluting the Earth or having health risks.”

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Biden Outlines a Plan for Cleaner Jet Fuel. But How Clean Would It Be?

Some biofuels may contribute to greenhouse gas emissions in ways that can significantly reduce, and sometimes offset, their advantages over fossil fuels, studies have shown.

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Biden Administration Moves to Protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay

The bay, home to a key sockeye salmon fishery, sits atop a massive gold and copper deposit, pitting environmentalists against mining companies.

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Lack of Power Hinders Assessment of Toxic Pollution Caused by Ida

More than 100 industrial sites that handle large amounts of hazardous substances are in and around parishes still without power.

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Rule Governing Water Pollution

The rule allowed fertilizers, pesticides and industrial chemicals to flow into small streams, marshes and wetlands. The judge warned of environmental harm.

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Don’t Let the Fossil Fuel Industry Pivot to Toxic Plastics and Chemicals

As we confront climate change, focusing on a single metric, like greenhouse gas emissions, could leave other harmful practices unaddressed.

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Is the Party Over for New York’s Outlaw Houseboats?

Newtown Creek, a polluted waterway, is set to be dredged, meaning the end of an era for the adventurous community it inspired.

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Chlorpyrifos Will No Longer Be Allowed on Food Crops

The agency will reverse a Trump-era decision to keep chlorpyrifos, one of the most common pesticides, in use.

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Biden reveals lackluster new EV policy, no plans to phase out gasoline

Electric vehicle charging only spaces in a car park

Enlarge / The Biden plan does not include a requirement that all new vehicles be zero-emissions at any point in the future. (credit: Richard Newstead/Getty Images)

On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced that by 2030, half of all new cars and light trucks should be zero-emissions vehicles—a mix of battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid EVs, and hydrogen fuel cell EVs. But the White House still sees a future for burning hydrocarbons, as the executive order will also develop new long-term fuel-efficiency standards, and there is no mention of phasing out internal combustion engines for new vehicles at any point in the future.

Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are expected to announce new fuel-efficiency rules through model year 2026. The US had a relatively ambitious target of reaching a corporate average fuel economy target of 54 mpg (4.3 l/100 km) in 2025 under President Obama, but President Trump took a wrecking ball to that plan in 2020.

The EPA and NHTSA will likely adopt the framework recently put together by California’s Air Resources Board and BMW, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen Group, and Volvo. The plan would reduce emissions from new vehicles by 17 percent by MY2026.

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Biden’s Climate Plans Are Stunted After Dejected Experts Fled Trump

Hundreds of scientists and policy experts left the government during the Trump administration. The jobs remain unfilled six months into President Biden’s term.

#agriculture-department, #appointments-and-executive-changes, #biden-joseph-r-jr, #careers-and-professions, #environment, #environmental-protection-agency, #global-warming, #greenhouse-gas-emissions, #interior-department, #research, #schoonover-rod, #trump-donald-j, #united-states-politics-and-government

The Extreme Tech Challenge Global Finals 2021 starts tomorrow

Get ready for a startup throwdown of global proportions (literally). We’re the proud hosts of the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Global Finals, and the pitch competition action starts tomorrow, July 22 at 9:00 am (PT).

Pro housekeeping tip: Attending this virtual pitch fest is 100 percent free, but you need to register here first.

Not familiar with XTC? It’s the world’s largest pitch competition focused on solving humanity’s most vexing challenges. You gotta love a competition that serves the greater good — and a startup ecosystem for purpose-driven companies determined to build a more sustainable, equitable, healthy, inclusive and prosperous world.

The road to the XTC finals was crowded to say the least. More than 3,700 startups from 92 countries applied to compete in one of these categories: Agtech, Food & Water, Cleantech & Energy, Edtech, Enabling Tech, Fintech, Healthtech and Mobility & Smart Cities.

Talk about a daunting endeavor. Team XTC, which consisted of deeply experienced investors, entrepreneurs and executives, winnowed down that field to these seven competing finalists: Wasteless, Mining and Process Solutions, Testmaster, Dot Inc., Hillridge Technology, Genetika+ and Fotokite.

Tomorrow’s competition takes place in two rounds, and each startup team will have to bring its best if they hope to impress this panel of judges — all leaders in sustainability and social-impact.

Young Sohn, co-founder, XTC and chairman at Harmann International; Bill Tai, co-founder, XTC and Partner Emeritus, Charles River Ventures; Regina Dugan, president and CEO of Wellcome Leap; Jerry Yang, founder/partner of AME Cloud Ventures and co-founder of Yahoo!; Lars Reger, CTO and EVP at NXP Semiconductors; and Michael Zeisser, managing partner at FMZ Ventures.

In a classic, “but wait, there’s more” moment, the day also features several presentations from some of the leading voices in sustainability. Take a look at the two examples below, and check out the complete XTC finals agenda and the roster of speakers.

The Keynote Address: Tune in as Beth Bechdol, the deputy director-general at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, provides an update on the latest from her agency.

Waste Matters: According to the EPA, the U.S. alone produces 292.4 million tons of waste a year. Can technology help this massive – and growing – issue? Leon Farrant (Green Li-Ion), Matanya Horowitz (AMP Robotics), and Elizabeth Gilligan (Material Evolution) will discuss their companies’ unique approaches to dealing with the problem.

The Extreme Tech Challenge Global Finals starts tomorrow, July 22. Join us and thousands of people around the world for this free, virtual pitch competition. Register here for your free ticket.

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E.P.A. Approved Toxic Chemicals for Fracking a Decade Ago, New Files Show

The compounds can form PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” which have been linked to cancer and birth defects. The E.P.A. approvals came despite the agency’s own concerns about toxicity.

#chemicals, #corporate-social-responsibility, #environmental-protection-agency, #global-warming, #greenhouse-gas-emissions, #hazardous-and-toxic-substances, #hydraulic-fracturing, #natural-gas, #obama-barack, #oil-petroleum-and-gasoline, #physicians-for-social-responsibility, #public-employees-for-environmental-responsibility, #regulation-and-deregulation-of-industry, #water-pollution

Here’s How Biden Aims to Increase Electric Car Sales

The president wants to use pollution rules to rapidly lift sales, but there are hurdles ahead.

#air-pollution, #automobile-service-and-charging-stations, #automobiles, #electric-and-hybrid-vehicles, #environment, #environmental-protection-agency, #ford-motor-co, #fuel-efficiency, #global-warming, #greenhouse-gas-emissions, #infrastructure-public-works, #organized-labor, #united-automobile-workers, #united-states-politics-and-government

Hear CEOs from Green Li-Ion, AMP Robotics and Material Evolution discuss high-tech solutions to waste management

According to the EPA, the U.S. alone produces 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste a year. That figure works out to around 4.9 pounds per person, per day. To say the world – and the United States in particular – has a waste problem is putting it mildly. No one solution is going to address this growing issue – but thankfully, we’ve seen a number of innovations surface in recent years.

This year, we’re playing host to the Extreme Tech Challenge Global Finals on July 22. The pitch-off competition will feature some of the most innovative forward-looking startups across a range of categories, including many dealing with sustainability. The day will also feature panels, including a number hosted by TechCrunch editors.

One highlight worth tuning in for is “Waste Matters.” The conversation will include a trio of folks from companies taking unique approaches to managing the waste stream.

Leon Farrant is the co-founder and CEO of, Green Li-Ion, a company dedicated to dramatically accelerating the process of recycling lithium-ion batteries. It’s a key issue as a wide range of different consumer electronics grow more ubiquitous around the world.

Matanya Horowitz is the founder and CEO of AMP Robotics. The Denver-based company uses AI and robotics better sort a wide range of recyclables from waste. Material Evolution co-founder and CEO Elizabeth Gilligan will also join us to discuss her company’s novel and sustainable approach to creating concrete.

Join us on July 22 to find out how the most innovative startups are working to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. And best of all, tickets are free – book yours today!

#amp-robotics, #artificial-intelligence, #ceo, #consumer-electronics, #denver, #environmental-protection-agency, #tc, #united-states, #waste

BreezoMeter, the iPhone tool that measures air quality, raises a $30M Series C

Ran Korber and his asthmatic and pregnant wife were looking to buy a house in Israel. As an environmental engineer, he knows that air pollution is the leading environmental cause of premature death, can cause premature birth, and can account for other respiratory diseases. Korber started looking for the city with the least amount of pollution in Israel only to realize that this information didn’t exist. His frustration led him to create what today is BreezoMeter, a tool that forecasts 40 pollutants within the categories of pollen, air pollution, wildfires and weather.

Today the company announced a $30 million Series C led by Fortissimo Capital, bringing its total raised to date to $45 million. The company is based in Israel and launched in June of 2014, about two years after Korber was house-hunting with his wife.

“In many countries, people don’t have a clue about the air around them,” Korber, now CEO and co-founder of BreezoMeter, told TechCrunch.

BreezoMeter uses AI and machine learning to gather and understand data from multiple sources, including more than 47,000 sensors worldwide. The result is street-level air quality resolution (within 16.5 ft) and pollen, pollutants, and fire data, in more than 100 countries. 

You probably didn’t know this, but if you have an Apple Watch or an iPhone, they both have BreezoMeter built into the Apple weather app. Scroll down on the weather of any city, and the air quality measure is presented by BreezoMeter. In the U.S., the Air Quality Index (AQI) uses a scale from 0-500, 0 being the cleanest. Here in Miami, the air quality was 36 (good) yesterday, and 51 (moderate) today. In comparison, New York City’s air is 34 (good) today, better than Miami’s.

BreezoMeter is not only able to measure current air quality, but it can forecast it, too, allowing people to better prepare depending on their sensitivities. 

“We are able to forecast when the conditions for pollen season will start, and then [we] can forecast how pollen may move between two different locations,” said Korber.

If you’re not sure of your sensitivities, knowing the air quality of where you are, you can at least keep a lookout for symptoms.

“Depending on the type of pollutant in the air, BreezoMeter can also tell you the possible symptoms you may start feeling if exposed,” Korber said. 

The challenge isn’t just the pollution itself, but also a large information gap regarding air quality. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 120 million people in the U.S. live in areas where there is no pollution monitoring.

“Before BreezoMeter, everyone used the data from the same sensors, and now we collect data from those sensors plus others including traffic data, wildfires, satellites, local sensors and we also take into account land use for pollen,” said Korber.

A time when sensors can easily get destroyed is during a wildfire. “The sensors can burn, literally,” Korber said. To circumvent this problem, BreezoMeter relies on its other multitude of sensors for the data, including those from satellites.

“Every day, more than 300 million people use our platform to make informed decisions on how to avoid environmental hazards,” said Korber, and not everyone is using just the weather app.

For people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, they may be benefiting from BreezoMeter from within Propeller by Resmed. Propeller is a device that, depending on the air quality, tells a patient what to do to improve their health, such as close a window or use an inhaler, for example.

According to BreezoMeter, since Propeller incorporated BreezoMeter into its product, Propeller’s patients have experienced about 50% fewer asthma attacks and reduced ER visits.

BreezoMeter plans to use the money from the current raise to develop more product categories and triple its team to about 120 people.


#air-pollution, #breezometer, #environmental-protection-agency, #israel, #machine-learning, #new-york-city, #pollution, #propeller, #resmed, #startup, #tc, #united-states

Announcing the agenda for Extreme Tech Challenge Global Finals presented by TechCrunch

Here at TechCrunch, we’re big fans of startup competitions. From our Extra Crunch Live Pitch-offs all the way up to the world-famous Disrupt Startup Battlefield, we can’t get enough of ’em. So we’re hooking up with Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) to present the Extreme Tech Challenge Global Finals, a startup competition focused on powering a more sustainable, equitable, inclusive, and healthy world.

Extreme Tech Challenge is the world’s largest transformative tech startup competition and forum for the leaders of tomorrow to be able to unleash their full potential. Last year, the competition attracted startups from 87 countries, and the 52 finalists raised more than $167M in venture investment since being selected. 

This year, over 3700 startups applied from 92 countries across XTC’s competition tracks: Agtech, Food & Water, Cleantech & Energy, Edtech, Enabling Tech, Fintech, Healthtech, and Mobility & Smart Cities. Check out the 80 Global Finalists that emerged from this competitive pool. The Category winners and the Special Awards winners will make it to the Global Finals stage. 

Join the Extreme Tech Challenge on 7/22 to meet the world’s best purpose-driven startups making the world better through transformative tech. Network with corporations, VCs, & founders. Get your free tickets here!

Today, we’re excited to share the agenda of the event with you.

Powering the Future Through Transformative Tech with Young Sohn (XTC), Bill Tai (XTC) and Beth Bechdol (Deputy Director-General, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) 

What are the breakthrough tech innovations transforming industries to build a radically better world? How can business, government, philanthropy, and the startup community come together to create a better tomorrow? Hear from these industry veterans and thought leaders about how technology can not only shape the future, but also where the biggest opportunities lie, including some exciting news about XTC and the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization. 

Going Green with Shilpi Kumar (Urban Us), Jenny Rooke (Genoa Ventures), and Albert Wenger (Union Square Ventures)

Sustainability is the key to our planet’s future and our survival, but it’s also going to be incredibly lucrative and a major piece of our world economy. Hear from these seasoned investors and founders how VCs and startups alike are thinking about greentech and how that will evolve in the coming years.

The Extreme Tech Challenge 2021 Global Finals: Startup Pitches Part 1

The reason we’re all here – the XTC Category and Special Awards Winners get their chance to pitch their transformative tech ideas to a panel of expert judges and hear their feedback. XTC is a global platform that connects exceptional, purpose-driven startups with a network of investors, corporations, and mentors to help them raise capital, launch corporate collaborations, and scale their world-changing startups.

Waste Matters with Leon Farrant (Green Li-ion), Matanya Horowitz (AMP Robotics), and Elizabeth Gilligan (Material Evolution) 

According to the EPA, the U.S. alone produces 292.4 million tons of waste a year. Can technology help this massive – and growing – issue? Leon Farrant (Green Li-ion), Matanya Horowitz (AMP Robotics), and Elizabeth Gilligan (Material Evolution) will discuss their companies’ unique approaches to dealing with the problem.

The Extreme Tech Challenge 2021 Global Finals: Startup Pitches Part 2

The reason we’re all here – the XTC Category and Special Awards Winners get their chance to pitch their transformative tech ideas to a panel of expert judges and hear their feedback, in this second and final round. 

Cutting Out Carbon Emitters with Bioengineering with Aaron Nesser (AlgiKnit), Jennifer Holmgren (LanzaTech) and Patricia Bubner (Orbillion Bio)

Bioengineering may soon provide compelling, low-carbon alternatives in industries where even the best methods produce significant emissions. By utilizing natural and engineered biological processes, we may soon have low-carbon textiles from Algiknit, lab-grown premium meats from Orbillion Bio, and fuels captured from waste emissions via LanzaTech. Leaders from these companies will join our panel to talk about how bioengineering can do its part in the fight against climate change.

Announcement of the Extreme Tech Challenge 2021 Winners

The judging panel will crown the global winner of Extreme Tech Challenge 2021 and also announce the winner of the Female Founder Award.


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E.P.A. to Review Rules on Soot Linked to Deaths, Which Trump Declined to Tighten

The Biden administration says it will consider tougher limits on a deadly air pollutant that disproportionately affects low-income and minority communities.

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Biden Administration to Restore Clean-Water Protections Ended by Trump

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it would repeal a Trump-era rule that weakened pollution controls for wetlands and streams.

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Here Are America’s Top Methane Emitters. Some Will Surprise You.

Oil and gas giants are selling off their most-polluting operations to small private companies. Most manage to escape public scrutiny.

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E.P.A. to Modify Trump-Era Limits on States’ Ability to Oppose Energy Projects

In recent years, states have used the Clean Water Act to block pipelines and other fossil fuel projects. The Trump administration tried to curb that power.

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Supreme Court Gives Big Oil a Win in Climate Fight With Cities

But in the case, filed by the city of Baltimore, the high court gave the fossil fuel industry far less than it had asked for.

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Biden Administration to Repeal Trump Rule Aimed at Curbing E.P.A.’s Power

The cost-benefit rule limited the way the E.P.A. could justify clean air regulations. Its repeal will take effect within 30 days.

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Climate Change Is Making Big Problems Bigger

New data compiled by the E.P.A. shows how global warming is making life harder for Americans in myriad ways that threaten their health, safety and homes.

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People of Color Breathe More Hazardous Air. The Sources Are Everywhere.

Researchers uncovered stark disparities between white people and minorities across thousands of categories of pollution, including trucks, industry, agriculture and even restaurants.

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Senate to Reinstate Obama-Era Controls on Climate-Warming Methane

Senate Democrats on Wednesday will use a once-obscure law to resurrect Obama-era regulations on methane that the Trump administration had wiped away.

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Gina McCarthy Leads Biden Climate Push

Gina McCarthy, Barack Obama’s E.P.A. chief, could only watch as the Trump administration dismantled her climate work. Now, she’s back with another chance to build a lasting legacy.

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Why the Gowanus Canal Is a Litmus Test for NYC Development

The Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn is notorious for its century-old filth. Now that the cleanup of the waterway has begun, a thorny question emerges. Who gets to live there?

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Biden infrastructure plan proposes spending $174B to boost America’s EV market

President Joe Biden has earmarked $174 billion from his ambitious infrastructure plan to build out domestic supply chains for electric vehicles, noting the imperative for United States automakers to “compete globally” to win a larger share of the EV market.

The funds are just one part of Biden’s plan, which calls for an ambitious $2 trillion infrastructure investment across multiple sectors. The Fact Sheet for the plan includes six references to China – one of these in reference to the size of the Chinese EV market, which is two-thirds larger than the domestic U.S. market. Chinese manufacturer Foxconn, Apple’s main supplier, said in February it was considering producing EVs at its Wisconsin plants – just weeks after tentatively agreeing to manufacture an EV for startup-turned-SPAC Fisker.

To ensure Americans actually purchase these domestically manufactured EVs, Biden also plans to establish sales rebates and tax incentives for the purchase of American-made EVs, though the size of the credit has not been released. Customers can already cash in a $7,500 federal tax credit for EVs, but it is not available to automakers that have sold more than 200,000 electric cars – people looking to purchase a Tesla, for instance, would not qualify for the credit. It’s unclear whether the new tax credit would raise or abolish the sales limit for automakers.

The plan also proposes using some of the funds to build a national EV charging network of 500,000 stations by 2030. A recent survey from Consumer Reports found that the availability of public charging stations was a major concern deterring people from looking into an EV for their next vehicle purchase.

On the transit side, Biden’s administration said the funds will also go towards replacing 50,000 diesel transit vehicles and electrifying at least 20 percent of school busses, through a new program administered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The plan places a huge emphasis on providing good-paying jobs to American workers, but it still has a long way to go. It must be approved by Congress before becoming law.

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E.P.A. to Review Attacks on Science Under Trump

The agency said it would carry out an accounting of political interference in science, an usually public act that Biden administration officials said was needed to restore trust in the agency’s decisions.

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BMW takes the wraps off the i4, its first all-electric sedan

BMW plans to have 25 electrified cars in its lineup by 2025 and it’s taking a few more steps in this direction this year with the launch of the all-electric iX SUV and the i4 sedan. Today, for the first time, the German automaker shared a few more details of what we can expect from the i4, its first fully-electric sedan, in addition to sharing the first exterior shots of the new model.

At the top end, the i4 will have a power output of 390kW / 530HP. Going from zero to 100km/h will take four seconds.

BMW promises up to a 300 miles range, according to its own preliminary tests based on the EPA’s test procedures. Enough to go from L.A. to Las Vegas. That’s the same range as the iX will be able to cover on a single charge and a slight increase in horsepower compared to BMW’s new SUV. And while that range is less than what Tesla and some other competitors can offer, it’s still more than what’s possible with comparable all-electric Porsche and Audi models like the eTaycan and e-tron GT, which are in the lower 200s.

Image Credits: BMW

“With its sporty looks, best in class driving dynamics and zero local emissions, the BMW i4 is a true BMW. It makes the heart of the BMW brand now beat fully electric,” said Pieter Nota, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Customer, Brands, Sales.

For now, we don’t have any pricing details or additional specs for the i4. It will become available later this year, so we’ll likely see more details in the summer.

“The iX is purpose-built, it’s spectacular and it’s a completely new BMW X product,” Frank Weber, BMW’s head of development, said at a press event earlier this week. “But what people are longing for is to see that we have a sport sedan that is fully electric. […] And the i4 has everything it takes to have a real sporty sedan from BMW that is fully electric.”

And indeed, unlike the somewhat quirky i3, BMW’s first all-electric car, the i4 is a standard, four-door sedan (with real passenger doors, unlike the i3) — something that buyers in the market for a sporty yet roomy electric car from BMW in the spirit of the existing 4-series will likely appreciate.

Earlier this week, BMW also announced version 8 of its iDrive operating system, which will feature a new dashboard layout and visual design, with two curved screens. It will make its debut in the i4 and iX.

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New EPA Head, Michael Regan, Says Agency Has Climate Regulations Underway

Michael Regan says the E.P.A. is already working on new rules to control planet-warming emissions from cars and power plants.

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New E.P.A. Head Says Agency Has Climate Regulations Underway

Michael Regan says the E.P.A. is already working on new rules to control planet-warming emissions from cars and power plants.

#biden-joseph-r-jr, #environmental-protection-agency, #fuel-emissions-transportation, #global-warming, #greenhouse-gas-emissions, #regan-michael-s-1976, #regulation-and-deregulation-of-industry, #united-states-politics-and-government

Senate Confirms Biden’s Pick to Lead E.P.A.

Michael S. Regan has said he intends to act aggressively in carrying out the president’s agenda of fighting climate change.

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Justice Amy Coney Barrett Issues Her First Majority Opinion

The 7-to-2 ruling rejected an environmental group’s Freedom of Information Act request.

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