Would the Pandemic Stop Paul Theroux From Traveling?

No. Of course not.

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Swell Energy’s new deal in New York shows how the company plans to spend the $450 million it’s raising

Back in December, Swell Energy said it would be raising $450 million to support the development of distributed power projects in three states. Now, with the announcement of a deal between the venture-backed startup and New York City’s utility, ConEd, industry watchers can get a glimpse of what those projects may look like.

The Los Angeles-based company has a new residential solar plus energy storage program for homeowners in Queens that’s going to be rolled out in partnership with ConEd.

It’s a project that will create solar-powered home batteries for eligible ConEd customers.

New York is actually targeting the rollout of 3 gigawatts of installed energy storage capacity by 2030 with a goal of moving the entire state’s electricity grid to zero emissions by 2040.

With the ConEd project, the city is hoping to create backup power for customers in Queens that they can tap independently of the energy grid’s own resources, which should free up power for customers that don’t have the energy storage tech.

Homeowners that participate in the project may qualify for incentives that lower the cost of the systems, which are initially being offered to residents of Forest Park, Glendale, Hunters Point, Long Island City, Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood, Sunnyside, and parts of adjacent neighborhoods in Queens.

The New York virtual power plant differs from other initiatives from Swell in that it provides available capacity to specific distribution circuits on the grid to reduce customer demand on circuits during network overload periods, according to a Swell spokesperson.

With the virtual power plant, ConEd won’t need to build out new transmission and distribution infrastructure, but can still ensure network reliability. It’s what’s called a “non-wires solution” to the demand problem, Swell’s spokesperson said.

By contrast, the company’s Hawaii projects provide system-level capacity and frequency regulation and the California program with Southern California Edison, provide demand-response capacity for baseload energy management and overall load growth in the area where they’re operating.

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Your Daylight Saving Time Questions Answered

A group of U.S. senators has joined the ranks of those who want to abolish daylight saving time, which has roots in cost-cutting strategies of the late 19th century.

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Dam Overflows in Hawaii, Forcing Evacuation

An evacuation order affected people near the Kaupakalua Reservoir and Dam in the Haiku area of Maui. At least half a dozen homes were damaged or destroyed, officials said.

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In Hawaii, Reimagining Tourism for a Post-Pandemic World

Before Covid, ‘tourism was at this point where everything was about tourists.’ With the one-year anniversary of travel’s collapse, the state, like other overtouristed places, is hoping for a reset.

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Surf’s Up. Grab Your Helmet.

Helmets used to be a rarity in surfing. Now, young surfers on the North Shore of Oahu are embracing the safety device as a necessity in the world’s most dangerous waves.

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New Zealand Faces Tsunami Threat After 8.1-Magnitude South Pacific Earthquake

The temblor was one of three powerful earthquakes that were recorded within eight hours off New Zealand, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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Kilauea Volcano Erupts in Hawaii, Prompting Warning About Ash

The civil defense authorities warned people to stay indoors to avoid the fallout of ash carried by the winds.

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Hawaii’s Next Wave of Natural Skin-Care Brands

A new generation of beauty companies is rediscovering the islands’ powerful native ingredients, from taro to ferns.

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Surfer Dies After Shark Attack in Hawaii

The 56-year-old man died a day after the attack in Maui. A surf competition scheduled in the area later that day was postponed and moved.

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Couple Boards Flight After Testing Positive for Covid-19

Wesley Moribe, 41, and Courtney Peterson, 46, were charged with reckless endangerment after they flew from San Francisco to Hawaii, despite being told to isolate, the police said.

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How to Pretend You’re in Hawaii Tonight

With a few easy-to-find items, you can discover the archipelago’s breathtaking biodiversity, savor its flavors and music, even delight in an island-inspired Thanksgiving.

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Around the World at Home Series Lets Readers Explore Cultures

A new series, Around the World at Home, lets readers channel the spirit of a faraway place without hopping on a flight.

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Hawaii’s Reopening May Be Good for Tourism. Is it Good for Locals?

The travel industry and the islands’ authorities say using testing could create a model for reopening international travel. But some locals object to being part of the experiment.

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Hawaii’s Reopening May Be Good for Tourism. Is it Good for Hawaiians?

The travel industry and the islands’ authorities say using testing could create a model for reopening international travel. But some locals object to being part of the experiment.

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Now at the Boarding Gate: Coronavirus Tests

Airlines and airports are offering the tests as a way for travelers whose results are negative to avoid quarantines at their destinations, and to revive travelers’ faith in flying.

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United Airlines is making COVID-19 tests available to passengers, powered in part by Color

There’s still no clear path back to any sense of ‘business-as-usual’ as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, but United Airlines is embarking on a new pilot project to see if easy access to COVID-19 testing immediately prior to a flight can help ease freedom of mobility. The airline will offer COVID-19 tests (either rapid tests at the airport, or mail-in at home tests prior to travel) to passengers flying from SFO in San Francisco to Hawaiian airpots, beginning on October 15.

United worked directly with the Hawaiian government and health regulators to meet the state’s requirements when it comes to quarantine measures, so that travellers who return a negative result with this pre-trip tests won’t have to observe the mandatory quarantine period in place upon their arrival. That’s obviously a major barrier to travel to a popular tourist destination like Hawaii, since a two-week quarantine eats up all or more of the typical period of stay for anyone coming from the mainland.

The airline has partnered with two companies to provide the tests: Color for the at-home kit, which is ordered by a physician and provides results within 1-2 days of receiving the sample, and GoHealth Urgent Care, which will be provided the on-site tests at the airport using the Abbot ID NOW rapid COVID-19 test that returns results in just 15 minutes.

If passengers choose the Color option, they’re advised to request the test kit at least 10 days before they fly, and then to provide their sample for testing within 72 hours before they fly, in order to ensure first that they receive the sample kit in time, and second that the results are recent enough that it’s extremely unlikely they’ve contracted COVID-19 in the ensuing time prior to their flight. Passengers choosing this method can even return the sample via a drop box at SFO, with the results arriving after their landing, but still curtailing their mandatory quarantine period once received.

The on-site option will require scheduling a visit to the testing facility in SFO’s international terminal in advance, with tests available between 9 AM to 6 PM PT every day at the airport.

This is just a pilot program, and that’s a very good thing, because it will be crucially important to see what happens as a result of this kind of deployment, and its ability to skip the quarantine period. The two-week quarantine after travelling, which is fairly widely adopted globally at this stage in the pandemic, is intentionally meant to apply in most locations regardless of test results, no matter the source or recency.

That’s because at this stage in testing, the results aren’t anywhere near foolproof – testing has potentially less efficacy at detecting COVID-19 in asymptomatic individuals, for instance, and when viral loads aren’t yet high enough to provide reliable measurement. Those situations can result in false negatives, which isn’t an issue when the 14-day quarantine periods are mandatory and universal.

Tourism, especially domestic U.S. tourism, is vital to the economic wellbeing of states like Hawaii – and widespread testing could be a lever to open up more of this kind of economic activity both elsewhere in the U.S. and internationally. But it’ll require close and careful study, scrutinized by health professionals, as well as improvements in the accuracy and consistency of diagnostics before these measure should expand beyond the pilot stage.

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$1.85 Million Homes in Massachusetts, Hawaii and Georgia

An 1880 house in Provincetown, an off-the-grid home on the Big Island and a five-bedroom estate with two guesthouses in Rabun Gap.

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$2 Million Dollar Homes for Sale in Massachusetts, Hawaii and Georgia

An 1880 house in Provincetown, an off-the-grid home on the Big Island and a five-bedroom estate with two guesthouses in Rabun Gap.

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New Virus Hot Spots: U.S. Islands from Hawaii to Puerto Rico

U.S. islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific have growing cases of the coronavirus, which can spike even in places far removed from urban centers when controls are relaxed.

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Ex-C.I.A. Officer Is Accused of Spying for China

The arrest of a 67-year-old Hawaii resident is the latest case involving former intelligence officers charged with providing classified documents to Beijing.

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Hurricane Douglas: Hawaii Braces for ‘Triple Threat’

The National Hurricane Center on Sunday warned that the storm could bring “damaging winds, flooding rainfall and dangerously high surf” to the state.

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Three Storms Churn Across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

By Friday afternoon, Tropical Storm Gonzalo had weakened while Tropical Storm Hanna had strengthened, a meteorologist said. Douglas, in the Pacific Ocean, remained a Category 3 hurricane.

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Thinking of Traveling in the U.S.? These States Have Travel Restrictions

A third of states have strict measures in place for visitors, from mandatory testing to quarantine requirements.

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New Red Algae Are Threatening Hawaii’s Coral Reefs, Scientists Say

The recently discovered species covers coral in a thick layer and suffocates it. Scientists don’t know where it came from.

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Startup Space Perspective plans space tourist ‘cruises’ using stratospheric balloons, with test flight set for 2021

There’s a new company that wants to get into the commercial space tourism business – with a unique spin that involves non-traditional launch vehicles. Space Perspective, a new startup founded by Jane Poynter and Taber McCallum, intends to fly a pressurized capsule to the upper edge of Earth’s atmosphere using a high-altitude balloon, which can hold up to high passengers for a six-hour trip at an anticipated price of around $125,000 per person.

The, according to the company, is to use its so-called ‘Spaceship Neptune’ capsules to host both tourists and research payloads, with a cruising height of around 100,000 feet. It’s actually technically not space, but the company promises fantastic views that will include sights like the actual curvature of the Earth. The six-hour trip will include a two-hour ascent, a two-hour flight at the top of the atmosphere, and a two-hour descent back to Earth, according to Space Perspective. The company intends to launch its balloons and capsule from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and when it returns to Earth, it’ll splash down in the Atlantic Ocean where a ship will retrieve the passengers, and the capsule. The FAA will regulate all of Space Perspective’s human flights, and it’s working with the U.S. regulatory agency in advance of its planned crewed missions, which are likely still a few years away at least.

If any of this sounds familiar, it might be because Space Perspective’s founders created a company with some very similar goals earlier in their careers: Poynter and McCallum previously co-founded World View, a stratospheric balloon company whose primary mission is to fly payloads including communications and Earth observation hardware, but which also had as one of its stated goals a mission to fly people using balloon-lofted capsules.

World View still operates, though Poynter was replaced as its CEO by Ryan Hartman in February of last year. World View’s primary HQ is in Arizona, and it operates a manufacturing and launch facility there from which it regularly flies its balloons as it continues to develop and deploy its technology.

Space Perspective is a completely separate company, a company respresntaive tells me. The company plans to launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, as mentioned,d and will also launch in future from Floriday’s Cecil Spaceport, and private launch sites in Alaska, Hawaii, and internationally, the company says.

Image Credits: Space Perspective

The startup plans to begin test launching its Neptune capsule as early as next year, though without any people on board, Instead, it’ll carry experimental payloads, which is again a secondary goal of the technology that Space Perspective intends to put in market.

This is an interesting entrance in the ‘not-quite-space’ tourism industry, with some differentiators that could make it a compelling alternative to offerings from Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, though not on par with what SpaceX intends to do with its private Crew Dragon commercial flights. Poynter and McCallum appear to have started this as a separate venture from World View in order to allow that company to focus on its more practical industry and commercial payload missions, allowing Space Perspective to better express their specific goal of human high-altitude transportation.

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Ex-Tesla product exec raises $10 million for his mission to upgrade the lowly fuse box

Arch Rao closed the $10.1 million financing round for Span, his company pitching homeowners on an upgrade to the fuse box, in the middle of February.

The company had already seen what was happening in China and had a sense of how tough things could be, but was undeterred by the bad news and its potential implications for fundraising or its business.

“I don’t think that the COVID situation was particularly negative,” for the Span business, said Rao. Indeed, Rao said things are already beginning to recover. “With the shelter in place being partially lifted [and] with solar and storage installation having been deemed essential… the large installers like SunRun saw their online sales had increased,” Rao said. “The limitation of this pandemic has been a shift of about a quarter for our upward slope to take effect.”

The forced downtime actually helped the company, said Rao, which worked on new product development and readied itself for what could be a busy season of sales. The pressures that are pushing customers to adopt solar and energy storage technologies — especially in states like California — haven’t gone away.

The state looks prepped for another bad season of wildfires and the stress of power outages and rolling blackouts could again drive owners to invest in off-grid power generation and storage, he said.

But Rao sees Span as far more than just a smart fuse box. Sitting at the intersection of the utility energy grid and the home electrical network gives Span’s device a unique vantage point from which to monitor and manage devices in the home and energy coming to or from it.

And he’s gotten some unique, expert validation of his vision in the form of an investment from Matt Rogers, one of the founders of Nest, which was the first billion dollar company to try and tackle home energy use and efficiency.

Through his investment firm, Incite Ventures, Rogers participated in the latest round for Span. 

 “We founded Nest to reinvent the largest energy user at home, the thermostat. We replaced an ugly household device with something that invited interaction and saved energy,” Rogers said in a statement. “Span has the potential to solve that for every load in the home. That’s why I’ve come on board as an investor to Span and an advisor to Arch.”

Image courtesy of Span

 Rao’s vision for Span is just as expansive as the original idea that brought Nest to the world. 

“Think of our software stack being very similar to an android device,” said Rao. “We have first party apps that Span is deploying and will offer an up our [sotware development kit] that third party vendors will use.”

A user can download the app and select the circuits or loads that they would want to allow an outside vendor to control in exchange for some kind of economic benefit, according to Rao.

“We’re trying to bring what the mobile industry has done for the last decade is an analogous model to what we want to bring in to the digital energy space,” Rao said. Given that the panel sits in a home for roughly thirty years, there’s an opportunity to lock customers in to the Span platform in a way that mobile phones never could.

Some partnerships — like the one Span has signed with battery supplier LG (a company that also makes appliances) gives an idea of the breadth of Rao’s vision.

“LG is a home appliance manufacturer and the road map is for us to tie into other home appliances as well,” said Rao. “You can extrapolate from that to the world of home appliances.”

Investors in the $10.1 million round for the company were led by ArcTern Ventures and joined by new backers Capricorn Investment Group, Incite Ventures. Previous financiers in the company included Wireframe Ventures, Congruent Ventures, Ulu Ventures, Energy Foundry, Hardware Club, 1/0 Capital, and Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, and some of those firms returned for the new funding, the company said.

Driving their interest was the company’s position at the intersection between the grid and the home — and its attendant ability to monitor and control onside generation, storage and the majority of a consumer’s energy loads.  

The company is focusing its initial sales efforts on the markets of Hawaii and California where strong government incentives can help to subsidize costs and drive demand, the company said.

In addition to the new investment round, Mary Powell, former chief executive of Vermont utility Green Mountain Power will join Span’s board as an independent member. Powell and Rao have a relationship that dates back to the startup executive’s work with Tesla. 

“She set an example of what a customer-focused utility could look like, bringing the Tesla Powerwall to thousands of customers in the state of Vermont,” said Rao. “I’m excited to work with her again as we bring our panel to market.”

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Travel Reopenings Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

As Australia announces plans to revive tourism, we look at 10 top travel destinations and their timetables for reopening. The challenge: balancing safety with the need to reboot.

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Hawaii to Visitors: We’ll Pay You to Leave

Visitors who break Hawaii’s 14-day quarantine rule may get an unwelcome gift: A free flight home.

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Did Heavy Rain Make Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Erupt?

Two earth scientists offered a new model to explain destructive activity in 2018, but a number of their colleagues aren’t buying it.

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Triathlet quält sich für guten Zweck – Frodeno schnappt sich den Wohnzimmer-Weltrekord

Triathlon-Star Frodeno: Wohnzimmer-Weltrekord im Kampf gegen Corona Eine Qual für die gute Sache! Triathlet Jan Frodeno absolvierte gestern einen kompletten Ironman-Triathlon in den eigenen vier Wänden.
Foto: Jan Frodeno

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Vor Heim-Ironman bei BILD – So kämpft Frodeno gegen die Corona-Katastrophe

Frodeno: So kämpft er gegen die Corona-Katastrophe Dreimal hat sich Triathlon-Star Jan Frodeno schon zum Weltmeister gekämpft – jetzt geht er auch im Kampf gegen Corona voran!

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Der nächste Umzug steht an – Abschiedsschmerz bei den Reimanns

Abschiedsschmerz bei den Reimanns: der nächste Umzug steht an Und wieder geht es auf ins Ungewisse! Diesmal ziehen aber nicht Konny Reimann (64) und Ehefrau Manu (51) um, sondern Tochter Janina.
Foto: RTL2

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Wegen Corona – Ironman Hamburg verschoben

Triathlon: Ironman in Hamburg wegen Corona verschoben Der Ironman in Hamburg wird wegen der Corona-Krise verschoben. Der Triathlon sollte am 21. Juni starten. Ein neuer Termin: offen.

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