Telehealth Is Key to Trans Health Care

Offering mental health services across state lines can aid children and families struggling to find gender-affirming services

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How to Recognize Heat Illness and Stay Cool during Extreme Weather

Scientists and medical experts weigh in on how to recognize the signs of heat-related illness and avoid the worst health impacts from increasingly intense heat waves

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What Is the New Langya Virus, and Should We Be Worried?

The Langya virus, which is related to the Nipah and Hendra viruses, has infected at least 35 people in China in the two years before 2021

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Reaching the Root of Disparities in Cancer Care [Sponsored]

Celebrating those who strive to overcome disparities in cancer care to bring quality services to their patients, the Cancer Community Awards, sponsored by AstraZeneca, created the Catalyst for Equity Award. We spoke with Dr. Anne Marie Murphy, executive director of Equal Hope and winner of the award in 2021, to learn more about what’s happened since her organization received the award.

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How Scientists Revived Dead Pigs’ Organs, and What the Feat Means for Transplants

A whole-body perfusion system restored cellular activity in pigs an hour postmortem

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Patients and Doctors Navigate Conflicting Abortion and Emergency Care Laws

The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade has put medical providers in the tough position of deciding when emergency abortions and other life-saving procedures are necessary

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Restrictions on Psilocybin ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Are Easing as Research Ramps Up

Here’s how the psychedelic substance’s legal status has been shifting

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6 Questions About Monkeypox Vaccines

A virologist explains how they work, who can get them and how well they prevent infection

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What Is Paxlovid Rebound, and How Common Is It?

President Biden is part of a minority of people who have experienced Paxlovid rebound, but experts say the drug should still be prescribed for those who need it

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Diabetes Screening Standards in the U.S. Miss the Disease in Many People of Color

Risks for Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans start at lower weights and younger ages than risks for white people

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Heat Waves Affect Children More Severely

Children ‘are not little adults’—they have more trouble regulating temperature than adults do

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The Risk of Heart Disease After COVID

Some studies suggest that the risk of cardiovascular problems, such as a heart attack or stroke, remains high even many months after a SARS-CoV-2 infection clears up

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A Staph Vaccine Trial Failure Shows Challenges of Stopping Common Bugs

Learning from past failures in the development of staph vaccines may inform how other vaccines for common bugs should be developed

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A Source of Integrative Support for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Patients [Sponsored]

Celebrating those who are making a patient’s experience as easy as possible during an extraordinarily difficult time, the Cancer Community Awards, sponsored by AstraZeneca, presents an individual or organization with a Catalyst for Care Award. We spoke with the 2021 winner, Unite for HER’s founder and CEO, Sue Weldon, to hear more about what’s happened since her organization received the award.

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A Proposed Antiabortion Law Infringes on Free Speech

The law would make illegal the sharing of abortion information on the Internet and raises serious concerns about freedom of speech nationwide

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The New Normal for COVID Calls For A New Narrative

We’ve swung between fear and denial for too long, and need to talk about this disease from a different perspective

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Genetic Counselors Scramble Post-Roe to Provide Routine Pregnancy Services without Being Accused of a Crime

The Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade means that prenatal advice to patients can suffer and that counselors can face lawsuits and criminal charges

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How Common Are Reinfections, and How Trust Can Beat the Virus: COVID, Quickly, Episode 35

On this episode of the podcast, we talk about getting reinfected with coronavirus just a month or two after an earlier bout—and the difference that trusting others can make in a pandemic.

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What Could Actually Work to Curb Gun Violence

Evidence-based solutions to firearm safety range from banning assault weapons to increasing green spaces

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Algorithm That Detects Sepsis Cut Deaths by Nearly 20 Percent

Over two years, a machine-learning program warned thousands of health care providers about patients at high risk of sepsis, allowing them to begin treatments nearly two hours sooner

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Marker Tip–Without Ink!–Makes a Hardy Medical Sampler

The marker material conserved samples for up to a week

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This Sticker Looks Inside the Body

A new stick-on ultrasound patch can record the activity of hearts, lungs and other organs for 48 hours at a time

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There Is an Effective Treatment for Monkeypox, but It’s Hard to Get

A smallpox antiviral that’s effective against monkeypox is tied up in red tape, and gay-health advocates are pushing to make it easier to access

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Are Skittles Toxic from Titanium Dioxide?

A recent lawsuit claims a chemical called titanium dioxide, used in Skittles candies, harms people. It’s hard to find strong evidence for that, however

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Physics Particles Fly as Practical Tools

Protons, muons, neutrinos and other particles are moving beyond the realm of physics to help in a myriad of ways

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How Zombies Can Help Prevent the Next Pandemic

Incomplete viral genomes can quell disease and, with further research, could be turned into treatments

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Transforming the Trajectory of Lung Cancer [Sponsored]

Lung cancer is the number-one cause of cancer deaths in the world. But how many lives would be saved if doctors could diagnose and treat it before it progresses?

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‘Their Lives Are Worth More Than Ours’: Experts in Africa Slam Global Response to Monkeypox

Earlier action by the World Health Organization and Western countries could have helped control monkeypox in Africa

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Graphic: Many States That Restrict or Ban Abortion Don’t Teach Kids About Sex and Pregnancy

States that protect abortion rights tend to have more comprehensive sex ed policies

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New York Polio Case Revives Questions About Live Oral Vaccine

An unvaccinated person became infected with the virus, which can be traced to a live, weakened virus commonly used in the oral polio vaccine abroad

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Biden vs. Trump: What a Difference Two Years Make for Treating COVID

In a tale of two Covids, two presidents’ contrasting COVID experiences illustrate the moonshot-caliber medical achievements that let many patients be treated at home instead of in an ICU

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People with Long COVID May Still Have Spike Proteins in Their Blood

Possible biomarker for long COVID suggests some people with the condition never fully cleared the virus

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The Hunt for Drugs for Mild COVID

People who are unlikely to develop severe COVID-19 have no widely approved medications to ease the illness

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COVID Virus May Tunnel through Nanotubes from Nose to Brain

Nanotubes may provide a cunning answer to the mystery of how the virus that causes COVID infects neurons and produces long-lasting neurological symptoms

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Why is Monkeypox Evolving So Fast?

The virus circulating in the current outbreak has mutated 50 times in the past four years

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Police Who Tear Gas Abortion-Rights Protesters Could Induce Abortion

Tear gas is widely used by law enforcement, even though it may cause spontaneous abortion

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How Hot is Too Hot for the Human Body?

A study of healthy volunteers found that the combination of heat and humidity gets dangerous faster than many people realize

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Abortion Access Allowed Us to Have a Happy, Healthy Family

Canceling Roe means that other parents with high-risk pregnancies will not have the options that we had

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People in Republican Counties Have Higher Death Rates Than Those in Democratic Counties

A growing mortality gap between Republican and Democrat areas may largely stem from policy choices

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5 Things to Know about Monkeypox

From symptoms, vaccines and treatment, here are some fast facts about Monkeypox

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Newly Recognized Dementia Called LATE May Hit 40 Percent of Older People

The pathological buildup of a protein known as TDP-43 can lead to an Alzheimer’s-like disorder

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Omicron’s Nasty New Variants, and Better Boosters to Battle Them: COVID, Quickly, Episode 34

On this episode of the COVID, Quickly podcast, we talk about the increase in new Omnicron subvariants. Should fall vaccine boosters contain standard Omnicron, or some of those new subvariants…

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Cilia Are Minuscule Wonders, and Scientists Are Finally Figuring Out How to Mimic Them

A new cilia-covered chip could revolutionize portable medical diagnosis

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Monopolies Are Getting in the Way of mRNA Vaccines

Developing nations that desperately need these more effective vaccines are virtually locked out

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Why Do Mental Illnesses–From Depression to Schizophrenia–Raise the Risk of Dementia?

A combination of biological and social factors most likely explain the strong connection

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A Look at the Mental Health Provisions in the New Gun Law

Most of the $13 billion appropriated in the new legislation Congress recently passed focuses on mental health programs

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Two Cancer Patients Battle to Make Psilocybin Accessible for Palliative Care

Their efforts could benefit countless others in need of an end-of-life measure

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Omicron-Specific COVID Boosters Are Coming

The FDA has called for updating COVID vaccines to address the Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5. But will the shots keep up with the virus?

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The Quest for a ‘Tick Map’

Scientists scramble to forecast where and when the disease-carrying arthropods pose the most danger

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What Researchers Know about Gun Policies’ Effectiveness

Studies are ‘decades behind,’ owing to a lack of funding, but research is picking up

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