Zero-Covid Policy Shakes Hong Kong’s Economy and Its ‘Soul’

Businesses that held on through several outbreaks are now trembling as the highflying metropolitan hub struggles with supply chain issues and a relentless approach to the pandemic.

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Hong Kong Will Cull Thousands of Hamsters After Covid Cases

Officials said it was not clear that the virus had been transmitted to humans from the animals. But they called on residents to surrender recently imported hamsters.

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Officials’ Party Galls Hong Kong, Chafing Under Covid (and Political) Controls

Just as new restrictions were being imposed, top politicians were found to have attended a large gathering where at least one person had Covid.

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How Beijing Has Muted Hong Kong’s Independent Media

Citizen News, a small but aggressive online publication, is the latest outlet to fold amid relentless pressure from the authorities.

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Hong Kong Police Raid Stand News and Arrest Staff

Six current or former senior staff members of Stand News were arrested on suspicion of conspiring to publish seditious material. More than 200 officers raided the news site’s headquarters.

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Hong Hong Police Raid Stand News and Arrest Staff

Six current or former senior staff members of Stand News were arrested on suspicion of conspiring to publish seditious material. More than 200 officers raided the news site’s headquarters.

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Hong Kong Removes ‘Pillar of Shame’ Statue Amid Crackdown

The decision to take down the “Pillar of Shame,” an enduring symbol of the territory’s pro-democracy movement, was another sign of Beijing’s crackdown.

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Carlos Tejada, Deputy Asia Editor for The New York Times, Dies at 49

He was an editor in Asia for 13 years, including with The Wall Street Journal. One colleague said he had embodied the phrase, “Edit ferociously and with joy.”

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Hong Kong’s Election Is Really a Selection

I know firsthand what a meaningful and contested campaign looks like.

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Can a ‘Very Confident’ Carrie Lam Salvage Her Legacy in Hong Kong?

Mrs. Lam is Hong Kong’s most unpopular leader ever, blamed for mass protests and a political crackdown. Yet she now appears reinvigorated, perhaps even ready for a second term.

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How Hong Kong’s ‘Patriots Only’ Elections Bolster Beijing’s Grip

China’s crackdown has driven most of the city’s popular pro-democracy candidates either into police custody or exile. Officials are urging the public to vote, but turnout is expected to be low.

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Hundreds Trapped by Fire at World Trade Center in Hong Kong

The blaze at the World Trade Center in Causeway Bay injured at least 13 people, including one who was semiconscious, the police said.

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Hong Kong Court Sentences Jimmy Lai to Prison Over Tiananmen Vigil

The former media mogul and other prominent pro-democracy activists were previously convicted of inciting others to take part in an unauthorized assembly.

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Jailed Journalists Reach Record High for Sixth Year in 2021

The Committee to Protect Journalists, a press freedom monitoring group, said 293 journalists were behind bars this year, more than a quarter of them in China.

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‘Simpsons’ Episode Mocking Chinese Censorship Vanishes in Hong Kong

The episode mocked both Mao Zedong and the government’s efforts to suppress memory of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

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A ‘Simpsons’ Episode Lampooned Chinese Censorship. In Hong Kong, It Vanished.

The episode mocked both Mao Zedong and the government’s efforts to suppress memory of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

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Hong Kong’s Pillar of Shame Is More Than a Statue

Shrinking the public space that preserves the memory of the 1989 Beijing uprising has effectively turned Hong Kong into another silent mainland city.

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Cities Are Not Only Tackling Covid, But Its Pollution, Too

All around the world the remnants of a global pandemic are testing the resolve of governments and private firms to rid the planet of its waste.

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Hong Kong’s M+ Museum Is Finally Open. It’s Already in Danger.

The museum, billed as Asia’s premier art institution, faced construction delays and personnel problems. Now it faces its greatest challenge: the threat of censorship.

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Hong Kong Broadcaster’s Swift Turn From Maverick Voice to Official Mouthpiece

RTHK has often set the news agenda with its aggressive coverage of the city. But a Beijing clampdown has changed that, with pro-China coverage filling the void.

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With New Conviction, Hong Kong Uses Security Law to Clamp Down on Speech

An activist, Ma Chun-man, was convicted of inciting secession after, he said, he chanted slogans to test the limits of the law.

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As Hong Kong’s Civil Society Buckles, One Group Tries to Hold On

Unions and other organizations have dissolved after facing pressure under a new security law. The Hong Kong Journalists Association is hoping it can avoid that fate.

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‘This Drop Came So Quickly’: Shrinking Schools Add to Hong Kong Exodus

The Chinese territory is experiencing its biggest population drop in decades as residents flee political repression and a new “patriotic” curriculum.

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Shrinking Schools Add to Hong Kong Exodus

The Chinese territory is experiencing its biggest population drop in decades as residents flee political repression and a new “patriotic” curriculum.

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Canada Grants Asylum to Refugees Who Sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong

The move ends a long period of uncertainty for a Sri Lankan family that hosted the National Security Agency contractor in their tiny apartment in 2013.

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How Hong Kong Censors Films to Protect National Security

The Asian film capital has cracked down on documentaries and independent productions that it fears could glamorize the pro-democracy movement.

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Hong Kong Pushes Opposition to Run in Preordained Elections

China has already determined the outcome, but the government is pressuring opposition parties to participate to lend the vote legitimacy.

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NEX raises $25M, launches Active Arcade to get people moving

There is a physical activity deficit in our world. Three fourths of adults say staying in shape is very important for health benefits. Yet, one in four adults and 81% of adolescents are insufficiently physically active, according to the World Health Organization. Even before COVID-19, less than 24% of children 6 to 17 years of age did 60 minutes of physical activity daily, as per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Working from home and staying at home during the pandemic exacerbated being physical inactivity. Most people opt for sedentary entertainment that involves minimal movement like watching movies or streaming live concerts, playing video games and throwing virtual parties.

To solve the global problem of inactivity by creating new ways to encourage active play for everyone, NEX, a San Jose and Hong Kong-based motion entertainment startup, is building motion entertainment – content that encourages physical movement. It is now announcing a $25 million Series B round to coincide with launch of Active Arcade, its new mobile AI interactive motion-tracking game.

The new funding was led by Blue Pool Capital, with participation from Samsung Ventures, SparkLabs and Susquehanna. This round also attracted influencers in sports, entertainment industries and business executives including Simu Liu (Shang-Chi), Albert Pujols (LA Dodgers), Thierry Henry (Arsenal Legend), Sabrina Ionescu (WNBA), tech CEOs and founders from YouTube, Dapper Labs, Alchemy, OpenDoor, WordPress and executives from Zendesk, Uber, MasterClass and Facebook.

This latest round comes after NEX raised an $8.5 million Series A in 2019 from the NBA, Will Smith’s Dreamers Fund, and the Alibaba Entrepreneurship Fund. It also previously raised a $4 million seed round from Charmides Capital, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment Ventures and Mandra Capital, Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin and Mark Cuban in 2018. Many other leaders in sports, media and technology have also baked NEX.

The Series B round brings NEX’s total raised so far to $40 million.

NEX was founded in 2018 by David Lee, Philip Lam and Reggie Chan, with a mission to transform passive activity into active play through apps like Active Arcade. Its first app, HomeCourt, has been played in more than 200 countries.

“A pandemic drew even more attention to the already huge and growing problem of more sedentary lifestyles across the world,” said Dave Lee, CEO and co-founder of NEX. “Having fun while moving is one of the purest definitions of play. But unlike the old days, the standard of engagement for active play must be on par with the best video games. It was apparent to us that accessible motion-based entertainment was the answer to a global need for more physical activity.”

Some people say that they don’t have enough time for physical activity, but the real problem is the idea that leisure time is supposed to be spent doing things that are fun and easy while getting active is perceived as expensive, time consuming and hard.

NEX’s newly launched Active Arcade, with a collection of motion games, helps both kids and adults move more by playing games. It is accessible to everyone, everywhere by any computing device with a camera, like smartphone, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Unlike other motion-based entertainment companies’ products that require expensive gear like a VR headset, connected hardware or game consoles, NEX develops motion-based entertainment apps without requiring special equipment, monitors, or a subscription.

Anyone can play Active Arcade using their body movement. Each game has different game play, style and depth, so there’s something for players of any age or level of activity.

“There are many high-tech exercise programs global companies developed in the motion-based entertainment industry, but most of them require expensive new equipment or a steep learning curve,” said Alex Wu, vice president of Strategy, MarComm and Partnerships at NEX.

With a proprietary combination of AI using mobile and vision technology, NEX merges the digital and physical worlds into a phone application that can create games like Active Arcade.

This summer, the company launched its limited test version of Active Arcade, Lee said.

NEX launched its first AI-based basketball training app HomeCourt in 2018, which was demoed on stage alongside Steve Nash at an Apple iPhone special event.

“I am constantly looking to invest in companies and products that I can stand behind and that are in line with my values. Nex’s approach to get kids and adults moving more and transforming activity into a play, is a mission I am wholeheartedly behind,” Steve Nash, Brooklyn Nets Coach and 2x league MVP said.

“We continue to be proud of the team at NEX as they take this significant next step in transforming activity into play for people around the world,” said Chip Austin, General Partner of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment Ventures. “We embrace their important vision and are impressed by their leadership and technology.”

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Hong Kong Forces Tiananmen Square Group to Delete Facebook Page

The deletions were the most high-profile instance of internet censorship under the national security law.

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Latest Threat to Hong Kong’s National Security: Chocolates in Prison

Officials have suggested that imprisoned pro-democracy activists are using sweets and other items to “solicit followers” behind bars.

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Hong Kong Police Arrest Organizers of Tiananmen Square Vigil

The group, which holds annual events to remember those killed during the 1989 crackdown, had refused to hand over funding details.

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In Hong Kong, Jimmy Lai’s Next Digital Says It Has Been Forced to Close

Next Digital, which has published criticism of China for decades, said a crackdown had left it with no way to operate. Its main newspaper, Apple Daily, closed in June.

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RISE will return to Hong Kong in 2022

RISE, one of Asia’s largest tech conferences, is returning to Hong Kong in March 2022 as an in-person event, and will be held there for at least five years, announced organizer Web Summit today. Last year, Web Summit said RISE would move to Kuala Lumpur, but its return to Hong Kong means the conference will no longer be held in Malaysia’s capital, though a spokesperson told TechCrunch that it is plans to host other events there in the future.

RISE will take place at the AsiaWorld-Expo from March 14 to 17, 2022.

In November 2019, while large pro-democracy demonstrations were taking place, Web Summit announced it was postponing RISE to 2021. Then in December 2020, it said that the 2021 event would not be held, and RISE would instead resume in Kuala Lumpur in 2022.

In an emailed statement, a RISE spokesperson told TechCrunch, “The political situation in Hong Kong did not impact our decision to consider Kuala Lumpur as a host city. Rise 2022 was originally meant to take place in Kuala Lumpur. However, this is no longer feasible. We would like to thank the MDEC, who invited us to host RISE in their wonderful city,” adding “RISE has already had five successful years in Hong Kong since its launch in 2015. Our long-standing relationship with the city made it a natural decision to stay.”

In Web Summit’s announcement, co-founder and chief executive officer Paddy Cosgrove said, “We are extremely grateful for the support the city of Hong Kong has given RISE over the last five years, and we couldn’t be more excited to return in-person in 2022.”

The announcement included a statement from Hong Kong’s secretary for commerce and economic development, Edward Yau, who said, “I’m very excited that RISE, the world-renowned tech event, has chosen to return to Hong Kong and stay here in the coming five years.”

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Wong Ping’s Candy-Colored, Taboo-Smashing World

His animations make for uncomfortable viewing in an exhibition at the New Museum. But fixating on their shock value misses the point.

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Nicole Kidman Skipped Quarantine in Hong Kong. Residents Were Angry.

The actress, in Hong Kong to film a series about wealthy expatriates, was allowed to skip a coronavirus quarantine. Residents saw the exemption as deeply unfair, and it became a point of debate among lawmakers.

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Hong Kong Police Arrest University Students for ‘Advocating Terrorism’

The student union leaders, who were detained under the national security law, had expressed sympathy for a man who stabbed a police officer before killing himself.

#attacks-on-police, #colleges-and-universities, #hong-kong, #university-of-hong-kong

Is Taiwan Next?

In Taipei, young people like Nancy Tao Chen Ying watched as the Hong Kong protests were brutally extinguished. Now they wonder what’s in their future.

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YC-backed Deskimo, an on-demand coworking space app, launches in Singapore and Hong Kong

A photograph of Arcc, one of Deskimo's coworking spaces in Singapore

Arcc, a coworking space in Singapore available for bookings on Deskimo

Part of Y Combinator’s current batch, Deskimo wants to make finding coworking spaces easier. Its on-demand booking app is currently available in Singapore and Hong Kong, with plans to enter more markets after Demo Day. Its founders are former Rocket Internet executives who say that their main competition aren’t spaces like WeWork or other hot desk booking apps. Instead, its Starbucks, since Deskimo caters to people who usually work from home, but occasionally need a place nearby where they can get away from distractions or take meetings. Deskimo partners with employers and charges them by the minutes their workers spend at space, instead of a monthly or yearly fee.

Deskimo was launched in February by Raphael Cohen, Rocket Internet’s former head of Asia, and Christian Mischler, who co-founded Foodpanda and served as its global chief operating officer. After Rocket Internet, the two started HotelQuickly, an on-demand booking app they sold in 2017.

The pandemic has quickly changed attitudes toward remote work, with a McKinsey survey finding that 62% of respondents said they only wanted to return to the office a few days a week, or not at all. As a result, many companies, especially startups, will continue offering flexible arrangements.

Mischler and Cohen already have experience watching peoples’ behavior shift after Foodpanda was launched. “Back in 2012, people were saying that food ordering is not going to work online, people just order on the home or in person,” Cohen said. “What we learned from on-demand restaurant delivery, the shared market-based model, is very similar in that case to setting up with workspace partners.”


Deskimo now has about 40 properties in Singapore and 25 in Hong Kong, and wants to expand in both residential and business districts, since many remote workers prefer to find a space close to their homes. It works with several different types of property owners and is approaching each group step-by-step. The first are office spaces that are already set up for coworking and see Deskimo as an additional distribution channel. The second are hotels that are converting some of their space into coworking areas. Finally, Deskimo plans to partner with spaces like social clubs and event venues that usually sit empty during weekdays.

Deskimo app's QR code

Deskimo app’s QR code

On the client side, Deskimo contracts with companies, who then offer the app to their employees. Each person gets a monthly budget on Deskimo, and their employers are only billed for the time they spend at a space. The Deskimo app generates a QR code that workers use to gain access to one of its spaces, and they also scan it when checking out to record how long they were there. Pricing ranges from about $2 to $4 USD per minute, with desks in central business districts typically costing more. Aggregated invoices are sent to clients each month and revenue is then shared with coworking space owners.

“Many companies realize they can save a lot of costs by having people work from home so they can reduce their office space, and instead of adding more fixed costs, they just add variable costs,” said Mischler. “They provide their employees with the ability to go to an office, but if they don’t want to because they have a great home to work from, employees are also more than welcome to work from home.”

In Deskimo’s current markets, other on-demand coworking space apps include Switch, Flydesk, WorkBuddy and Booqed. But Mischler says its main competitors are large F&B chains like Starbucks, since they are easy to find. He adds that Deskimo is more efficient for workers, who are guaranteed a table and don’t need to worry about finding outlets or the quality of Wi-Fi. Besides expanding into more markets, Deskimo also wants to add other services on top of coworking to give it a competitive edge.

“Once we have the company relationships and their employees use Deskimo for their bookings, there’s a lot of different things we can build on top of it, whether it’s employee engagement or workforce management, not just workplace management,” says Mischer. “But we’re focused on the transactional model right now because that’s the biggest pain point.”


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Hong Kong Migrants Seek Fresh Start in U.K. After Crackdown

Many who have left the city say they feel less like refugees than trailblazers, eager to build a new home after watching their old one slowly transform under Beijing.

#asylum-right-of, #hong-kong, #immigration-and-emigration, #london-england, #politics-and-government, #visas

Students Arrested in Hong Kong Bomb Plot, Days After Police Stabbing

Six teenagers were among those arrested in connection with a bomb plot. Some democracy activists say Beijing’s crackdown is fueling radical ideas.

#attacks-on-police, #china, #demonstrations-protests-and-riots, #hong-kong, #hong-kong-protests-2019, #politics-and-government

As China’s Communist Party Turns 100, Xi Warns It Will Not Be Bullied

A century after the Communist Party’s founding, China’s leader said foreign powers would “crack their heads and spill blood” if they tried to stop its rise.

#china, #communist-party-of-china, #hong-kong, #tiananmen-square-beijing, #xi-jinping

Hong Kong Philosopher Taught Life’s Meaning. Now He Visits Students in Jail.

Chow Po Chung pushed his students to participate in public affairs — idealism that he worries could cost them their freedom.

#chinese-university-of-hong-kong-the, #chow-po-chung, #content-type-personal-profile, #democracy-theory-and-philosophy, #hong-kong, #hong-kong-protests-2019, #political-prisoners, #politics-and-government

Hong Kong’s Security Law: One Year Later, a City Remade

Neighbors are urged to report on one another. Children are taught to look for traitors. Officials are pressed to pledge their loyalty.

#china, #communist-party-of-china, #demonstrations-protests-and-riots, #freedom-of-the-press, #hong-kong, #hong-kong-protests-2019, #human-rights-and-human-rights-violations, #luo-huining, #xi-jinping

Behind China’s Takeover of Hong Kong

One year ago, the city’s freedoms were curtailed with breathtaking speed. But the clampdown was years in the making, and many signals were missed.

#china, #communist-party-of-china, #hong-kong, #hong-kong-protests-2019, #xi-jinping

Hong Kong Readers Scramble to Preserve Apple Daily’s Legacy

Apple Daily, a pro-democracy news outlet, is the biggest casualty yet in Beijing’s campaign against Hong Kong’s once freewheeling news media. Its million-copy final edition sold fast.

#apple-daily, #censorship, #china, #freedom-of-the-press, #hong-kong, #hong-kong-protests-2019, #lai-jimmy, #news-and-news-media, #newspapers, #politics-and-government

How Press Freedom Is Being Eroded in Hong Kong

The forced closure of the pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper is the latest worrisome sign for journalists in the Chinese territory.

#apple-daily, #china, #choy-yuk-ling, #communist-party-of-china, #freedom-of-the-press, #hong-kong, #hong-kong-protests-2019, #lai-jimmy, #news-and-news-media, #newspapers, #next-digital-ltd, #politics-and-government, #radio-television-hong-kong

Hong Kong Protester Faces City’s First Security Law Trial

Tong Ying-kit, who hit officers while riding a motorcycle with a protest flag, is accused of terrorism and inciting secession. He could be sentenced to life in prison.

#attacks-on-police, #china, #communist-party-of-china, #courts-and-the-judiciary, #demonstrations-protests-and-riots, #flags-emblems-and-insignia, #hong-kong, #hong-kong-protests-2019, #politics-and-government

In the New Hong Kong, Booksellers Walk a Fine Line

Some independent shops flout the new limits on free expression. Others try to come to terms with them. For readers, they offer a sense of connection in a changed city.

#books-and-literature, #censorship, #freedom-of-speech-and-expression, #hong-kong, #hong-kong-protests-2019

Hong Kong Police Arrest Apple Daily Executives

The editor in chief of Apple Daily was among five detained under the city’s national security law. The newspaper’s founder, Jimmy Lai, already faces charges under the sweeping law.

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French Companies Admit Problems at Nuclear Plant in China

One of the companies said there had been a buildup of gases at the heart of a reactor. They say the plant is still safe.

#cgn, #china, #france, #guangdong-province-china, #hong-kong, #nuclear-energy, #radiation