Historic London Synagogue Fights to Stay Out of the Shadows

The 320-year-old Bevis Marks Synagogue claims that two new proposed office towers would block its sunlight and add to the sense of enclosure amid the skyscrapers of the financial district.

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Summer Solstice Brings a Day of the Sun Working Overtime

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the astronomical beginning of summer brought more hours of daylight than during any other day of the year.

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Solar Eclipse 2021: Where and When to Watch the ‘Ring of Fire’

Weather and geography may make it difficult to see the rare spectacle, but those in the path or experiencing clear skies may get a show worth waking up early for.

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Manhattanhenge 2021: When and Where to Watch

Saturday will bring New Yorkers their first shot at “the best sunset picture of the year.” Sunday and two days in July will provide more opportunities.

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What Convinced Me to Start Wearing Sun Protection

I’ve failed to practice what I preached about limiting sun exposure, but a new report has prompted me to reform.

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Why Nearsightedness Is on the Rise in Children

Decreased exposure to outdoor light appears to be a major factor in rising rates of myopia in young people around the world.

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Scientists Support an Idea Long Thought Outlandish: Reflecting the Sun’s Rays

The National Academies said the United States must study technologies that would artificially cool the planet by blocking sunlight, citing the lack of progress fighting global warming.

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Chamath Palihapitiya’s SPAC for Sunlight Financial is another sign of a renewables boom

Former Facebook employee and current enfant terrible of high finance Chamath Palihapitiya is making news again with a $1.3 billion twofer SPAC and PIPE deal into the solar energy financing company, Sunlight Financial.

Sunlight Financial is essentially a lending company that gives solar installers a way to provide loans to homeowners to finance solar power and battery installations and other home improvement projects.

While it may be another indication of the Roaring ’20s come back to haunt global financial markets in the lead-up to a catastrophic meltdown of the global financial system, there’s at least some method to the madness with Sunlight.

That’s because there’s a lot of tailwinds behind a business that’s lending money to provide better access to solar power, energy storage and energy efficiency upgrades.

The investment, alongside Coatue, Franklin Templeton and BlackRock, will value the lender at $1.3 billion. A healthy figure, but one that’s not astronomical, especially given the $705 million in financing that Sunlight Financial has raised over its history, according to Crunchbase.

As Alex Wilhelm noted earlier today, Sunlight Financial would have likely tapped public markets sooner or later, given a pretty solid financial performance — even during the pandemic:

Looking at the numbers, it’s somewhat clear that the company could have gone public in a year or two; another year’s growth, and it would have had enough revenue to pursue a traditional debut. Via this SPAC-led deal it will get out sooner and have more cash while it scales. Perhaps that is the value of the SPAC here for Sunlight.

Sunlight also has the benefit of being a publicly traded renewable energy play at a time when those companies are in short supply and high demand from institutional investors.

Over the course of 2020, big money moved to find ways to support businesses that can help mitigate the effects of climate change or slow the rapidly warming temperatures on the planet.

“Industry commitments to mitigate climate change risk is providing investors with visibility that there is momentum among decision-makers to drive change,” said Richard Manley, the managing director and head of sustainable investing at CPP Investments, in an interview last year. “There’s an appreciation within the public markets that the exciting transition solutions either within core operating subsidiaries or investments in the VC arms of corporate companies haven’t provided public equity investors the really focused opportunities they’ve wanted.”

With the launch of Palihapitiya’s latest SPAC, that trend seems set to continue in 2021. As Rob Day, a longtime investor in climate tech wrote in a direct message late last year:

“[The] current wave [of SPACs] is because over the past 24 months the institutional investor universe has come fully into believing that climate solutions are going to be a major growth area in the 2020s and beyond, but they weren’t seeing options available to them for investing into,” according to Day.

“The available publicly traded ‘green’ companies were already getting really bought up, and the private equity options were underwhelming as well (smallish in the case of VC, low returns in the case of large-format projects). Throw in a Robinhood market of retail investors with a lot of enthusiasm for EVs and such, and you have a nice recipe for this to happen.”

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The Double Whammy of Seasonal Affective Disorder in a Season of Covid

This winter the pandemic is expected to intensify the depression experienced by many people with the syndrome known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

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Tiny Love Stories: ‘I Couldn’t Ignore What That Silence Told Me’

Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

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Let the Sunshine In

Sunlight is not a cure for coronavirus, but it does have other benefits for mind and body.

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Coronavirus Tips: Do Not Ingest or Inject Disinfectant

There is no evidence that sunlight, bleach or any disinfectant can cure coronavirus in the body.

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Trump takes good news on disinfectants and gives it an insane spin

Image of two men in protective clothing spraying a public area.

Enlarge / Bleach works great on surfaces, not inside your body. (credit: NurPhoto / Getty Images)

The daily pandemic press briefings held by the White House have had some very unusual moments, with medical experts often asked to correct misinformation or bad advice, some of it offered or favored by President Trump himself, standing just feet away. But those somewhat surreal scenes had become so commonplace that the events may have started to seem routine. But any normalcy changed yesterday, when, after receiving some good news from the research community, Trump suddenly suggested that we should test the idea of irradiating people internally or injecting them with disinfectant.

Before the day was over, the maker of Lysol disinfectant was issuing statements saying there are no circumstances in which its products should be ingested or injected.

We’ll do the good news first

The trouble was triggered by a rare bit of good news amid this global pandemic, delivered by Bill Bryan, the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate. Bryan was brought on to discuss the survival of the virus under various environmental conditions. (You can watch his presentation here.)

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Trump Asks if Sunlight Can Kill Viruses. ‘Not as a Treatment,’ Birx Says.

At a briefing, the president promoted unproven treatments and asked Dr. Deborah Birx if she had heard of the success of sunlight as a tool against viruses.

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Science Offers Sunlight as Way to Tame Virus, and Trump Rushes Toward It

At the White House briefing, the president touted an experiment from his administration and promoted more unproven treatments.

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Does Sunlight Through Glass Provide Vitamin D?

You can’t get adequate UVB exposure sitting indoors or in a car.

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