Four Cross-Cultural Celebrations on Three Continents

Harish Vemuri and PD Akita, who met at Harvard Law School, found a way to honor all of their families’ cultures and traditions — and their own wishes — when they married.

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A Cherished Family Home Gets a Second Act

Michael Newell wanted to buy and renovate the house he and his siblings grew up in, and give it another purpose. Wedding bells are ringing!

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How the Universe Brought Them Together — Twice

William Wildman and Parker Kennedy began dating as students at the University of Mississippi before going their separate ways for four years.


Across Continents, Two Doctors Find Romance

Dr. Femi Kuti and Dr. Ugochi Nwosu met in the Bay Area but soon entered a relationship that stretched from Lagos, Nigeria, to the United States.


When an Indian Wedding Requires Four Outfits, Try Renting

A new generation of businesses is trying to crack the code of South Asian rental attire.

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What TikTok Told Us About the Economy in 2022

From Barbiecore to revenge travel, social media trends gave us a clear picture of the forces reshaping the economy.

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Two Musicians Find the Perfect Harmony On and Offstage

Lauren Hobbs and Neal Yakopin were in sync from the moment Mr. Yakopin became the drummer for her country duo, the Hobbs Sisters. But it took Mr. Yakopin a beat to ask her out.


10 Unforgettable Marriage Proposals

Here are some of our favorite ways that couples who wed in 2022 said, “Will you marry me?”


Their Mothers Brought Them Together. Loss Cemented Their Bond.

Charmaine Gomez and Joseph Contreras first met during a dress alteration in his parents’ kitchen. But it would be another couple of years before he gathered the courage to ask her out.


Tradition Was Never Their Thing. Why Start With a Wedding?

Kelly Daniels and Emir Muhovic were married by a graffiti artist they love, during a pop-up wedding at Art Basel in Miami Beach, Fla.

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Her Fictitious ‘Remember Me’ Email Sparked a Real Connection

When Emily Todebush was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, her passion for affordable health care led her to contact Garrett Arwa.


Tell Him Your Story, and He’ll Photograph Your Wedding. For Free.

Vincent Po, an engineer turned itinerant photographer, has been shooting weddings in exchange for room and board for the last two years as part of his Portrait of a Young Couple series.

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From Study Hall to Forever Teammates

Alison Ramos knew T.J. Vogel was the one when he received a stamp of approval from the ultimate judge of character — her dog, Hershey.


No More Hiding

A woman comes to terms with her bipolar disorder and how it affects her love life. After her essay: A man has a hunch he’s met the one.

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A Slow Dance Toward a ‘Beautifully Intoxicating’ Romance

Unity Phelan and Cameron Dieck, who met while Ms. Phelan was an apprentice and Mr. Dieck a corps member at the New York City Ballet, kept their courtship a secret for months before going public.

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The Wedding Is at the White House, but the Details Are Top Secret

Naomi Biden, the president’s eldest grandchild, will be wed on the South Lawn on Saturday morning. The ceremony will be followed by a luncheon and a black-tie evening reception.

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He Sold an Xbox and a Printer to Afford Their First Date. It Paid Off.

Caroline Vazzana and David Lopes met as college students. Nine years later, they had a fashion-filled wedding befitting of a style influencer.


Always the Wedding Singer, Finally the Bride

Maggie Doherty attended a lot of weddings as an entertainer. So when she married Josh Zager, there was no doubt what the focus would be.

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‘Co-Conspirators and Playmates From the Get-Go’

Jennifer Douglas was “avowedly anti-marriage” after her divorce; Kent Shell, too. Until she got down on one knee.


An ‘Aggressive Love for Life’ Regardless of Life’s Challenges

Months after Bradley Carbone met Barbara Torasso, he broke his neck snowboarding. A long recovery brought them closer together.

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The Red Adidas Tracksuit Sealed the Deal

Katherine Bonneau was charmed by Mikhail Kosyan’s ability to be himself, along with his sense of humor and thoughtfulness. They were engaged after seven months.

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‘Still Growing Together,’ a Teenage Crush Leads to Marriage

Brittney Adu was smitten when she saw Aaron Canales on the first day of their freshman year of high school. Despite their cultural differences and the trials of a young romance, their love endured.

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How a Hasidic Wedding in the UAE Went Viral on Instagram

Levi Duchman and Lea Hadad brought together a diverse swath of guests for an unusual event: a large Hasidic wedding in the United Arab Emirates.


Is This the Most Notable (Purple) Wedding Dress Ever Worn?

To highlight the role that Anna Murray played in the life of her husband Frederick Douglass, Ms. Murray’s plum-colored wedding gown was recreated for an event held on the couple’s 184th anniversary.

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At a Michelin-Starred Restaurant, the Ingredients for Romance

Marley Brown had no appetite for dating when she met Akeel Shah, her colleague at the restaurant SingleThread. But after they bonded over passions for cooking and their careers, love was on the menu.

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For Two College Students, Finally a Place (and a Person) to Call Home

Yolka Gessen and Mohamad Eisa were nearly introduced by journalist Masha Gessen, who is the bride’s parent. But they found each other first.

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After a Fire, Rebuilding What Matters

Months before their wedding, Emily Thompson and Stefan Kienle lost most of their possessions in the Marshall fire that destroyed their home and many others in Louisville, Colo.

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What Did You Wear to That Wedding?

Were you invited to a wedding with a nontraditional dress code (think: desert chic or coastal glam)? We want to see what you wore.

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If at First You Don’t Succeed at Love, Try an Instagram DM

When Carly Stein and Oliver Kremer matched on Hinge, they didn’t make it past the messaging stage before she ghosted. But he persisted.


How Do Japanese Show They Care? By Sending a Telegram.

Millions of the messages still crisscross Japan each year, offering congratulations or condolences in a way that more modern communications cannot.

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In Harlem, Detroit Natives Find a Love That Feels Like Home

Mike Taylor Jr. said Celeste Northern was “the Detroit girl I had always been looking for.” The two began dating after they both relocated to New York City.

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‘It Was Magic From the First Second’

When Chelsea White, a writer and producer, first met Tash Neal, a musician, their attraction was instant. By the end of their first date, he felt “butterflies” and she found her “dream man.”


He Wanted Out of the ‘Friend Zone’, but She Took the Lead

When Andrew Zbihley first met Olivia Pura at Northwestern, he thought that Ms. Pura, a beauty queen, was out of his league. Years later, she made the first move.

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He Handles Crises for a Living. She Solved One He Couldn’t: Changing the Channel.

Elizabeth Akeley, a flight attendant, had one rule about dating passengers — she didn’t. But after meeting P.R. executive George Regan during a flight to Jupiter, Fla., his sense of humor made her reconsider.


Near Castle Ruins, a Wedding with a Dash of ‘Game of Thrones’

After matching on Bumble, Kristen Sanders, a police officer, and April Hill, a makeup artist, began a courtship that ended with a marriage ceremony overlooking Dunluce Castle, in Northern Ireland.


Rosie Assoulin’s Debut Bridal Line Includes Cargo Pants 

The fashion designer Rosie Assoulin’s debut bridal collection includes gowns, cargo pants and a bucket hat for brides who “are looking for something unique and different.”

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On the Set of ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ an Unscripted Meet-Cute

After the actors Terry Serpico and Kadia Saraf filmed their first “Law & Order: SVU” scene, Mr. Serpico resorted to note-passing — and contacting Ms. Saraf’s manager — to continue their conversation.


J-Lo Is Now Jennifer Affleck. Why That Matters.

I like the romance of Bennifer 2.0 as much as the next person, but her name change makes me wince.

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In ‘Apocalyptic Times,’ Marching Forward Together

Melody Sage, who is queer, and Rosco Kickingstone, a transgender man, wed before the Trans March during San Francisco Pride, on the day that Roe v. Wade was overturned.

#transgender-and-transsexuals, #weddings-and-engagements

Above the Delaware River, a Double Wedding Straddling State Lines

Patricia Parent and Philip Kuntz had been double dating with Kelly Heflin and Carol McNitt for about a year when they hatched a plan to marry together on a bridge between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


What Happens When a Rock Star Proposes Onstage?

Olivia Jean married the celebrated musician Jack White mid-performance, but she has a plan all her own.

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A Fresh Start on the Mountain That Changed Her Life

Reggie Clark and Jamie MoCrazy met in 2017, two years after she suffered a traumatic brain injury during a skiing competition on Whistler Mountain. In May, they returned to marry.

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Finding Love From Studio 1A in Rockefeller Plaza

Libby Leist, an executive at NBC’s “Today,” had been single for years when the anchor Jenna Bush Hager introduced her to Sayan Ray, who later proposed with help from the anchor Willie Geist.

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What’s Two ‘Yentas’ Plus One Senator? A Lifetime Together.

Adam Topper and Jordan Manekin were set up in 2019 by two women they call “the yentas,” and later married by Senator Cory Booker.

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How Sabyasachi Made the Sari Haute

As his country’s most famous designer, Sabyasachi has persuaded Indians to see the luxury in their fashion heritage. Can he persuade Americans too?

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At the Union of Activists, a Cause for Celebration

Emily Mayer and Waleed Shahid, who met in college, deepened their love as each inspired the other to promote change in their communities.


Fitting Into His Schedule, Then Into Her Royal Family

Jamal Akil Robinson offered just 30 minutes for his first get-together with Edna Tafari Makonnen, an Ethiopian princess. When the meeting ran to an hour, he saw it as a good sign.

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Modern Love Podcast: Marriage Classes at Guantánamo

Learning about love from his fellow detainees gave a young Yemeni man hope.

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Disney Apologizes After Employee Thwarts Marriage Proposal

A man had been planning for months to pop the question at Disneyland Paris, but the employee instead snatched the ring and ushered the couple off a stage.

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Scottsdale Has Become the Bachelorette Party Destination of the West

Local hot-air balloon and desert Jeep tour outfitters are crawling with groups of women belting out Katy Perry songs and only occasionally throwing up.

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