What’s Two ‘Yentas’ Plus One Senator? A Lifetime Together.

Adam Topper and Jordan Manekin were set up in 2019 by two women they call “the yentas,” and later married by Senator Cory Booker.

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How Sabyasachi Made the Sari Haute

As his country’s most famous designer, Sabyasachi has persuaded Indians to see the luxury in their fashion heritage. Can he persuade Americans too?

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At the Union of Activists, a Cause for Celebration

Emily Mayer and Waleed Shahid, who met in college, deepened their love as each inspired the other to promote change in their communities.


Fitting Into His Schedule, Then Into Her Royal Family

Jamal Akil Robinson offered just 30 minutes for his first get-together with Edna Tafari Makonnen, an Ethiopian princess. When the meeting ran to an hour, he saw it as a good sign.

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Modern Love Podcast: Marriage Classes at Guantánamo

Learning about love from his fellow detainees gave a young Yemeni man hope.

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Disney Apologizes After Employee Thwarts Marriage Proposal

A man had been planning for months to pop the question at Disneyland Paris, but the employee instead snatched the ring and ushered the couple off a stage.

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Scottsdale Has Become the Bachelorette Party Destination of the West

Local hot-air balloon and desert Jeep tour outfitters are crawling with groups of women belting out Katy Perry songs and only occasionally throwing up.

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In Napa Valley, a Commitment to One Another, and to Showcasing Diversity

As an interracial couple, Erika Graves and Brad Cameron felt it was important that their wedding reflect their reality, so they hired a roster of vendors from diverse backgrounds.

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At a Theme Park, Falling Head Over Ferris Wheel

Leah Koch and Matthew Blumhardt bonded over a mutual love of amusement parks after meeting at her family’s Holiday World theme park in 2018.

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Step by Step, Embracing a Future With Each Other

Doug Lockwood and Linda Murphy met in 2019 as members of a support group for people who had lost longtime spouses. A year later came a series of walks that eventually led them to the altar.


Slow to Take Off, After a First Date They Cruised

Jacob Esocoff and Sascha Feldman met in a college seminar. More than six years later, he finally worked up the nerve to ask her out.

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After Soul Searching, the City of Angels and a New Mate

About a decade after divorcing his wife, Eric Kugler moved to Los Angeles, where he started a new relationship with Judge Dean Hansell and, later, a second career.


With ‘Only One to Choose From,’ a Great Choice

Before meeting at a party in 2011, Michael Taylor and Tim Vincent both thought they would be single for life.

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At the Magic Kingdom, a ‘Magical’ Wedding

Marissa Branch and Shelby Blackstock were married at one of their favorite vacation destinations: in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World.

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In a Week, Moving a Wedding from Ukraine to New York

In their last phone call before they married, Meny Stambler, who is Ukrainian, and Rikel Deutch, who is Russian, expected to wed in Ukraine. Hours after they hung up, Russian troops had invaded.


What We Saw at New York Bridal Fashion Week

Last week, bridal designers showed collections in person for the first time in two years. These are the trends that emerged.

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Brides Are Saying Goodbye to the Plain White Wedding Dress

As couples seek to plan nuptials that feel more personal, many are eschewing tradition. But this may be the most visible break yet.

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The Real Rock Stars Were the Brides and Grooms

Sixteen couples from across the country were married onstage during a three-day rock festival in Oklahoma City, and five others renewed their vows.

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Modern Love Podcast: A Couple Walks Into City Hall

In a year crowded with weddings, we listen to a snapshot of those tying the knot the no-frills way.

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Bidens Will Host a White House Wedding Reception for Their Granddaughter

Naomi Biden, 28, the daughter of Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle, will marry Peter Neal, 24, this fall.

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In Paris, and Each Other, They Found Home

More than a decade after Miranda Robertson studied abroad in the city of her dreams, she returned to discover the man of her dreams in Nicolas Bayle.

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How Married ‘Bachelor’ Couples Make It Work. Yes, Some Are Still Together.

As “The Bachelor” franchise enters its 20th year, still-married couples who met on that show and “The Bachelorette” discuss how they’ve built lasting relationships.

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For a Motivational Speaker, It Took Years to Feel Worthy of His Love

Lisa Nichols had built a career on helping others form lasting relationships by the time she met Marcellus Hall, who, in time, convinced her that she deserved one of her own.

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Julian Assange Marries Stella Moris in a British Prison

The wedding took place at Belmarsh Prison, where Mr. Assange has been held since 2019. Supporters of the couple were encouraged to attend a “solidarity vigil” outside the facility.

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’80s Wedding Trends, From ‘Epic’ Dresses to Big Cakes, Are Back

2022 is starting to look a lot like 1984 — both in terms of the record number of weddings expected, 2.5 million, and some very ’80s elements that experts say many of those events will have.


China’s Divorce Rate Is Down, but So Are Marriages

While officials say a new law has helped save marriages, the bigger challenge in the country’s demographic crisis is that fewer people are getting married in the first place.

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A Heart So Full, Her Chipped Teeth Were an Afterthought

Kyra Friedell thought she’d never date a Catholic. But Alexander Fernandez, who saw her through personal tragedy (and a beer-bottle knock to the mouth), proved her wrong.


Hating Weddings Was Easy Until I Got Married

I found it so easy to judge other people’s ceremonies. Then, along came Thomas.

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Love is in the Air. So Is Dander.

When marriages between humans slowed because of the pandemic, ceremonies uniting two animals only became more popular.

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Those Lucky Coins Paid Off

Kelly MacDonald bet on his improbable romance with Ashleigh Dopp by giving her loonies, Canadian currency with an auspicious reputation.

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Why Couples Are Having Multiple Weddings in the Pandemic

Couples recount the experience of having two or three wedding events because of the pandemic, a trend some experts say will continue to influence how many celebrate.

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For a State Representative, the Ideal Candidate

Malcolm Kenyatta, a politician in Pennsylvania, worried Matthew Miller was too good to be true after they connected on social media. He proved even better than expected.

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Weekday Weddings Rise in Popularity Amid Wedding Boom

A new trend to come out of this year’s wedding boom: saying so long to stuffy old Saturdays and booking your big day on a weekday.


Why Black Couples Jump the Broom

Once a symbolic way for enslaved people in the American South to recognize their marriages, modern couples say that this tradition is a way to honor those who did it before them.

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Improv Class Sparked Their Long-Term Romance

Dr. Dana Cohen and Henry Caplan were instantly attracted to each other during an improv course in 2011. But their decision to marry at a Las Vegas chapel was the opposite of spontaneous.

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2022 Wedding Boom Creates a Shortage of Vendors

Some of this year’s betrothed are setting wedding dates to accommodate vendors, relying on the kindness of friends and even resorting to bribes.

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Couples Seek Gender-Neutral Ways to Define Their Unions

The “bride” and “groom” portmanteau is just one of the terms being used by couples seeking less traditional ways to define their unions.

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Theirs Was a Hollywood Beginning

Walter Wachter, a production manager, met James Pearse Connelly, a production designer, at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles, where both had moved to work in television.

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Finding Each Other in the Place They Had Always Been

Denise Parnell and Whitney Hardy, both from the Memphis area, first crossed paths in the city in 2009. Five years later, they reconnected. A year after that, they were ready to go on a date.


How to Make a Wedding Easier on Your Guests

With 2.5 million weddings expected to take place in the U.S. this year, mailboxes are filling up with invitations. Here, experts suggest ways couples can take some pressure off guests.

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Couples Face Wedding Postponement Fatigue as Pandemic Continues

The pandemic led countless couples to delay their weddings — sometimes more than once. Now many are determined to forge ahead, even if that requires a very revised version of their Big Day.

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What Drove the Last Big Surge in Weddings in 1984?

The number of weddings expected in the United States in 2022 is a number not seen since 1984, when experts say a confluence of economic and cultural events led people to the altar.

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2022 Is a Boom Year For Weddings

If the predictions pan out, there will be some 2.5 million weddings in 2022 — the most since 1984 — and yet it’s never been more difficult to plan one. Here’s what couples should expect.

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On Paper, They Were All Wrong. But in Time, Just Right.

Edgar Alonzo wanted to settle down and raise children when he met Beatriz Rivera, who was in the midst of a divorce and already had a grown child.


Flowers Are in Short Supply Around the World. Here’s How it Happened

Supply chain challenges, labor shortages and poor growing conditions have led to a global shortage of fresh flowers, especially the kinds grown for events like weddings.

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A Broadway Couple Says ‘I Do’ to Great Applause

Bryan Terrell Clark, an actor, and Devario Simmons, a costume designer, had a common bond in challenging upbringings. Their relationship was the opposite.


United by Sorrow, They Forged a Joyful Future

Christina Vance and Greg Winick met in 2010, when they worked together for a few weeks. Years later, after each had suffered hardship, they reconnected and started to build a relationship.

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I’m Getting Married, Mom. Please Cry.

Entering marriage as your mother leaves it can create an emotional disconnect.

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Their First Date ‘Felt Like Christmas’

Yasmin Quiles and NaVell Shorter met about 10 years ago at a Scotch-tasting event, and soon became intoxicated by each other’s energy.


What Does It Mean to Be Committed in 2022?

The Times Weddings editor Charanna Alexander discusses the decision to move away from the traditional Times wedding announcement and her plans for the section.

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